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Visualizing Science 2017: Finding the Hidden Beauty in College Research

Five years ago the College of Natural Sciences began an annual tradition called Visualizing Science with the intent of finding the inherent beauty hidden within...

This image shows the turbulent gas structures in a three-dimensional, multi-physics supercomputer simulation during the formation of such massive clusters, with the red-to-violet rainbow spectrum representing gas at high-to-low densities.


Scientist Battling Invincible Microbes Takes Fight to the Silver Screen

Learn about UT Austin's Bryan Davies and his research into how to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and develop new antimicrobials to fight infection.

Two men embrace


Alumnus Helped Usher in Age of Personal Computing and Guide Lunar Astronauts Home

Bob O'Rear said his time in graduate school on the Forty Acres made a huge mark on his career for introducing him to astrophysics and...

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UT Austin Mourns Death of Groundbreaking Physicist Cécile DeWitt-Morette

“Cécile DeWitt-Morette left an indelible mark, both because of her research in mathematical physics and her leadership in founding a powerhouse school for physical scientists...

Cécile Dewitt-Morette with team of UT physicists (including husband Bryce Dewitt, back left) in Mauritania in 1973.


Meet Six Incredible Women from UT Austin Science History

From the first woman mathematician inducted into the National Academy of Science to an astronomer who helped us understand how galaxies evolve, the women of...

Illustration of the six women in the article by Jenna Luecke.


Grad Students Lead the Greatest Show in Classical Physics

Glowing electric pickles, flaming money, and flying toilet paper help the Physics Circus at The University of Texas at Austin teach science to non-physicists, especially...

Tess Bernard demonstrates what happens when air in a balloon is cooled in liquid nitrogen.


Charles Fraser Mends Little Hearts

Charles Fraiser, former Surgeon-in-Chief at Texas Children's Hopital in Houston, now works at UT Austin's Dell Medical School and talks about his career.

A young boy looks at a mechanical heart pump, as a doctor in white coat watches


What’s the Buzz: Reflecting on a Life's Work Inspired by Pollinators

Shalene Jha has been interested in pollinators her entire life. Now, as an assistant professor, she studies the interactions of native bees and plant communities for...

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Visualizing Science 2016: Beautiful Images From Researchers in CNS

As part of an ongoing tradition, this past spring we invited faculty, staff and students in the College of Natural Sciences community to send us...

A simulation of subsurface waves crashing.