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Decoding a Drop of Water to Understand Life on the Texas Coast

You can swim, but you can't hide.

Two women in hats stand in the bay waters, one holding a bucket and one with a net


UT Marine Science Institute Teams with SeaWorld San Antonio

When SeaWorld San Antonio unveiled and opened Turtle Reef™, featuring non-releasable sea turtles in a first-of-its-kind habitat, part of the focus was on its partnership...

A sea turtle floats in an aquarium with tropical fish in the background


New Chair for Statistics and Data Sciences Envisions Era of Growth for Department

Kate Calder remarked about the notable support from College of Natural Sciences and university leadership for growing statistics and data science research, education and outreach...

Kate Calder smiling wears a necklace and stands before a wall with slats in the Gates Dell Complex


Ali Preston Has A View Into Memory

Photo of Ali Preston


Alumnus Eric Berger Reflects on the Joys of Science Communication

Meet Eric Berger (B.S. Astronomy, '95), Senior Space Editor at Ars Technica and Editor at Space City Weather.

Portrait of a man in a jacket standing on the shore of a body of water


UT Scientists, Mathematicians and High Schoolers Partner for Success

Gold medalists in an astrophysics Olympic-style event, award-winners at a statewide science fair and budding genetic engineers who shared their research 2,000 miles away are...

The USA Team in Beijing. From left to right: Ioana Zelko (Team Leader), Sahil Pontula, Vincent Brian, David Yue (also a Texan), Andy Zhu, Texan and gold medalist Joseph McCarty, April Cheng and UT Austin graduate student Nastasa Dragovic (Team Leader). Photo from the USAAAO.


Everything’s Bigger in Texas, including the Occasional Spider Web

If creepy-crawly, eight-legged types are the stuff of your Halloween fears, you might want to stop reading here.


Visualizing Science 2018: Beauty and Inspiration in College Research

Winners of the 2018 Visualizing Science contest include images of nanomaterials, the connection between chaos and electronics and a glimpse into the aural lives of...

A pseudocolored transmission electron micrograph of nanodroplets filled with paramagnetic metals and perfluorocarbon materials.


Extending a Welcome Mat for Scientific, Mathematical Talent

To advance a sense of belonging, while addressing challenges that disproportionately occur for women and people from underrepresented groups, a number of initiatives are underway.

Two students talking on steps in front of the main administration building at the University of Texas at Austin