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McDonald Observatory

Bass Foundation Gift Strengthens Outreach at McDonald Observatory

Updates to Field Station Network member McDonald Observatory will be in the Frank N. Bash Visitors Center and improve and expand the visitor experience.

Aerial view of an astronomical observatory set atop a mountain

McDonald Observatory

Giant Magellan Telescope Enclosure Ready for Construction

When completed in the early 2030s, the 213-foot-tall enclosure will be one of the largest mechanized buildings ever constructed.

A telescope dome under a starry sky at night with an open door and telescope visible inside


NSF Funded Expedition Project Uses AI to Rethink Computer Operating Systems

Aditya Akella leads the project that aims to boost performance of OSes and help enable assistant robots, autonomous vehicles and smart cities.

Logo for the NSF Expeditions grant program

Defense Research Advancement

Computer Science Professor Trains AI Through Game Theory

Computer scientists Ryan Farrel and Chandrajit Bajaj will test a novel reinforcement learning approach.

A younger man and older man, each in suit jackets, stand in front of a screen with many images of houses and models behind them.


Biologist in National Academy of Sciences to Address 2024 Graduates

Nancy Moran, the acclaimed evolutionary biologist, will address College of Natural Sciences graduates on May 11.

Portrait of a woman in a blue shirt and glasses


11 Faculty Members Elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Jaquelin Dudley, Kristen Grauman, Arlen Johnson, Daniel Leahy, Xiaoqin “Elaine” Li and Tanya Paull receive major honor from AAAS.

Portraits of 11 scientists


U.S. News Ranks UT Austin Computer Science Among Best in Graduate Program Rankings

The 2024-2025 rankings tout computer science at The University of Texas at Austin as among the seven best nationally.

An outdoor view of the Gates-Dell Complex, a series of brick buildings on the UT campus.


New Advanced Quantum Science Institute Will Bridge Basic Research and Applied Science

Elaine Li and Xiuling Li will co-direct the new Texas Quantum Institute.

Illustration shows how atom-thin materials enable control of individual photons of light


Fashion Meets Science in New Exhibition at Texas Science & Natural History Museum

A new exhibition features plant-based compostable materials for use in the fashion industry.

White background with black gloves covered in orange sustainable sequins

UT News

Semiconductor Master’s Program Will Offer Hands-on Experience in Rapidly Growing Industry

The new program will help fill the demand for semiconductor scientists and engineers and give students a chance to lead in a booming industry.

A gloved hand uses a tool resembling tweezers to manipulate a tiny item in a well equipped lab.