Areas of Impact

Researching across a broad array of disciplines, UT Austin scientists are world-renowned for their impact,

Cross-Disciplinary Initiatives


A photo of an instuctor collecting insect specimens using a butterfly net at Brackenridge Field Laboratory

Biodiversity & Sustainability

At the intersection of life and the environment, our expert biologists study species and ecosystems over time and shed light on how best to preserve resources for the future. 

Biodiversity Center

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Person in lab with pippette and diagnostic tools

Biologics & Devices

UT Austin is a leader in developing vaccines, diagnostic tools and treatments for diseases—from COVID-19 to cancer to neurodegenerative disorders. 

Texas biologics

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Machine learning diagram depicting a network of associations

Machine Learning & Big Data

Creating technology that drives AI and other systems in acquiring knowledge and building predictions from large datasets has made UT Austin one of the top computer science and statistics and data science institutions anywhere.

Texas Computing

Machine Learning Laboratory

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Av isual diagram depicting the origins and expanse of the universe

Cosmic Origins 

Transforming what’s known about the origin and nature of the universe, even at its most distant outposts, requires expertise in physics and cosmology, access to the world’s most powerful instruments to detect and observe distant phenomena and the world-class supercomputing resources of UT Austin.

HETDEX Dark Energy Experiment

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Scientists discussing data visualizations displaying on a large-scale digital screen.

Computing & AI for Health

Using modeling and quantitative information to advance medicine and help more people lead healthier, longer lives is a shared initiative of scientists, physicians and computing experts at UT Austin.

Computing for health & Medicine at UT

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An abstract watercolor painting of a human. Swashes and blotches of color overlap a profile silhouette.

Addiction, Inequality & Resilience

Examining consequences of addiction and discrimination, and the preventive strategies that help to bolster relationships, health and wellbeing in society drives our talented researchers from across departments and colleges.

Population research center

Waggoner Center for Alcoholism & Addiction Research

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Physics graduate student adjusting laser equipment

Materials Science 

Innovative applications, ranging from energy storage to electronics, result from materials developed through UT Austin collaborations between physicists, chemists, biochemists and engineers. 

Center for Dynamics & Control of Materials

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Bacteriophage or phage virus attacking and infecting a bacteria - 3d illustration

Disease Prevention & Mitigation

Addressing disease and pandemic threats, advancing public health, prioritizing prevention and transforming health outcomes through evidence-based decision-making are at the heart of multiple interdisciplinary efforts across the College of Natural Sciences. 

Lamontagne center for infectious disease

Covid-19 Modeling Consortium

UT Nutrition Institute

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