Study Abroad

Learn and experience in another country.

Science is global.

Whether you spend a summer in a research lab overseas, engage in a faculty-led program abroad, tackle an internship or take a semester to explore science and non-science courses at a university elsewhere on the globe, the college offers hundreds of options to fit your academic and personal needs.

Texas Global offers an overview for CNS majors and highlighted programs, including ways you can see the world as you continue your academic journey.

Type of Programs for CNS Majors include: 

  • Exchange Programs
  • UT Faculty-Led Programs 
  • Affiliate Partner Programs
  • International Research & Internship Experiences

How to Study Abroad

We mean it when we say that there is a program out there that will fit your interests, schedule and budget! The KEY is planning ahead. 

CNS students should work closely with their academic advisor to make sure they are completing their degree requirements while planning for an international experience. Pre-medical and pre-health students cannot take prerequisite courses abroad but can complete other courses abroad. The Health Professions Office can provide additional support for pre-health students trying to work a study abroad program into their schedules. 

Make an appointment early with the CNS Office of Experiential Learning to explore, plan and pursue education abroad opportunities like the ones we highlight below. To make an appointment in Handshake choose the “Current CNS Undergraduates Students” category and then the “CNS Abroad Advising” appointment type. You can also email our team at


Study Abroad Options & International Programs

Exchange Programs

Studying abroad for a semester or full academic year is an excellent way to immerse yourself in another culture, learn different perspectives on science and gain the cross-cultural skills that will prepare you for your career.

UT Austin has exchange programs with over 150 of the world’s most respected universities, giving students access to some of the best institutions around the world. Our students can attend these partner institutions and take regular university courses alongside students from the host university. This is an ideal option for students looking to live abroad for an extended period while taking a full load of courses that will help them stay on track for graduation at UT. You can even do research while abroad as part of these programs!

Our Premier Partner Universities have highly-ranked exchange programs that have been carefully pre-screened and selected by UT Austin faculty, offering a wide selection of pre-approved courses that you need to complete your UT science degree. Coursework from these programs will count towards your UT GPA and will be paid for through your UT tuition.

UT Faculty-Led Programs

From public health students serving clinics in Guatemala to biotechnology students taking a course in Singapore, faculty-led programs provide CNS students with the ability to have a uniquely curated academic experience coupled with on the ground learning in culturally rich environments. During a faculty-led program, professors will take a cohort of 15-30 UT students, and teach a course (or courses) with tailored activities and excursions that pull in local elements. Interested in studying abroad with a faculty led program? You can find more information here.

Affiliate Partner Programs

An affiliate partner is a third-party provider and their programs can vary greatly, so make sure you look into the program page for more details about structure, academics, and administration. The programs coordinated by affiliate providers cover hundreds of locations, span thousands of topics and can include experiential learning opportunities such as research, service learning and internships. On an affiliate program, you pay a program fee to the provider instead of UT tuition. Your grades from these types of programs do not factor into your overall UT GPA. 

International Research & Internship Experiences

Many CNS students choose to do research or an internship abroad. These opportunities allow our students to strengthen their experiential skillset in international settings. Research can be done through reciprocal exchange programs, affiliate programs or independently arranged. The best place to start is by identifying an area of study and a world region (Europe, Asia, Middle East, etc.) to research in. UT offers a wide variety of internships suited for CNS students. 

Looking for International Experiences for Your Major?

Check out our Experiential Learning Guides for each CNS major to find programs tailored to your major. 

Funding for Experiences Abroad

Did you know that studying abroad can often be cheaper than a semester in Austin, TX? UT Austin is dedicated to ensuring our students can engage with their degrees on a global scale and gives away over a million dollars annually to help send students abroad. Check out funding resources from Texas GlobalTexas Career Engagement and CNS to help you fund your international experiences. 

Ready to Explore Programs & Start Planning?

CNS undergraduates can make a CNS study abroad advising appointment in Handshake by choosing the “Current CNS Undergraduates Students” category and then choosing a “CNS Abroad Advising” appointment time. You can email our team at

Staff or Faculty? 

Email Tim Myers to find out more about our CNS Abroad offerings and how to partner with us!