The College of Natural Sciences’ 12 departments offer opportunities for research and learning unlike any other in the life sciences, physical sciences, human sciences and math, data and computing sciences.

Biosciences and Beyond

Life Sciences

From nature’s wonders to the inner workings of cells, from the splendors of marine ecosystems to the intricacies of the human brain, transport yourself deep into life’s mysteries.

Fundamentals of Matter and Energy

Physical Sciences

Spanning atoms and quarks, star systems and galaxies, heavy metals, noble gases, and everything in between, the physical sciences unlock clues about the universe.

Computer Science, Statistics, Data, Math

Math, Data & Computing Sciences

Get a jump-start on your passion, whether that’s robotics, machine learning, data analytics, encryption, applied mathematics, actuarial study or one of many other fast-growing fields.

Science-Based, Human-Focused

Human Sciences

What do people need to be healthy and thriving, at every age and in every context? Our highly ranked science-based and human-focused disciplines explore the answers.