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Shaping technology and the future in areas where expertise is in high demand.

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Why study math, data and technology sciences?

Growth and change in technology have brought a boom in the availability of data and the need for people to shape technologies. Growing areas like machine learning require expertise in programming, data science and related fields. Statistical, mathematical, data science and computing experts are needed in an economy that demands skilled practitioners in these areas. In particular, the world needs math and technology leaders who are committed to shaping future technologies in ways that benefit people and industries alike, as students learn to do at UT Austin. 


Outstanding, world-class faculty teach and research in these sciences in three departments.

I've always lived with a stubborn itch to understand the inner workings of things I care about: how my favorite foods are made, why some music sounds natural to the ear and some doesn't, and how solar panels are able to turn the sun into useable energy, for example. After taking a Computer Architecture class, I now understand how computers logically function, which is awe-inspiring to me.”

Alejandro Cisneros

Computer Science

Math, Data & Computing Science

Majors & Degrees

An array of degree options are available for undergraduate, graduate and mid-career students in computer science, statistics and data science and mathematics.

Computer Science 

Computer Science, B.A.

Computer Science, B.S.A.*

Computer Science, B.S.*
with concentration options available:
Turing Scholars Honors, Integrated Program, Computer Science and Business, Teaching Senior Grades

Computer Science, M.S. 

Computer Science, M.S. (online)

Artificial Intelligence, M.S. (online)

Computer Science, Ph.D.



Mathematics, B.A. 
with option available in: Teaching

Mathematics, B.S.A.*

Mathematics, B.S.*
with options available in: Actuarial Science and Teaching

Mathematics, M.A.

Mathematics, Ph.D.

Statistics and Data Sciences

Statistics and Data Science, B.S.

Statistics, M.S. 

Data Science, M.S. (online; joint with computer science)

Statistics, Ph.D.


*Option to specialize in honors

Highly competitive major

All majors in this area are math-intensive

An option to pursue an integrated B.S./M.S. in five year exists

Conduct Research

Students lead original investigation in technology alongside faculty in these disciplines. Our Freshman Research Initiative has courses and research opportunities in areas like the ones below.

Math, SDS and Computing Advising

Got an interest in technology, math, statistics and data but not sure what to do next? When you are a student, advisors can help you navigate the possibilities, from majors to degree options to alignment with careers.