Follow your curiosity, delve into exploration and problem-solve. Here, students receive a world-class and research-based science education.

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The College of Natural Sciences has 12 departments spanning across many areas of study and research, including life sciences, physical sciences, human sciences and math, statistics and computing sciences.

Majors and Degrees

Undergraduate Study

With a 15 undergraduate majors and a much wider array of degree plans, certificates, minors and more, we offer an education that lets you match your passions with skill-building for life after college.

Doctoral Degrees and More

Graduate Study

A wide array of graduate programs offer options to secure your Master’s of Science, Master’s of Arts and/or Ph.D. degree from one of the best institutions for science, math and computing in the world.

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Why Study in Texas Science

Our students form a community that is connected by its passion for exploration and discovery and empowered with resources and opportunities only available at The University of Texas at Austin.