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The Texas Scientist is the award-winning magazine of the College of Natural Sciences at UT Austin. It is a digest of the people and groundbreaking discoveries that make our college one of the most amazing and significant places on Earth.

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2024 edition




Life on the Edge
To understand climate change and vulnerable ecosystems, University of Texas at Austin field researchers go where nature finds itself at a crossroads.


Science for a Healthier Nation
Nutritional scientists at UT Austin are championing a shift in how we relate to our food. It’s happening in schools, households, medical settings and workplaces across communities nationwide.


Training Machines and Forging Ahead in our AI Era
Q&A with Kristen Grauman, Ph.D.
The Faculty Member, Computer Science

2023 edition




Cosmic Dawn

The James Webb Space Telescope is taking us back to when the cosmic lights came on—and changing our calculus of the cosmos.


Impressive Stats

Explosive growth in statistics, data science, machine learning and AI is transforming how UT Austin researchers solve problems in health, the environment, astronomy and many other disciplines.


Learning Limits with the Tiniest of Fishes

Q&A with Simon Brandl, Ph.D.
The Faculty Member, Marine Science