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Individuals looking at a display of outer space


UT Austin a Key Player in Science’s Hottest Research Areas for 2023

Researchers at UT Austin are involved in some of the most exciting areas of science and driving groundbreaking discoveries and technologies that impact our world.

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The image is divided horizontally by an undulating line between a cloudscape forming a nebula along the bottom portion and a comparatively clear upper portion. Speckled across both portions is a starfield, showing innumerable stars of many sizes. The smallest of these are small, distant, and faint points of light. The largest of these appear larger, closer, brighter, and more fully resolved with 8-point diffraction spikes.


Right Place, Right Time

Like the Hubble Space Telescope before it, the James Webb Space Telescope has the potential to change the course of astronomy and inspire a new generation of astronomers.


Neutralizing Crazy Ants

Scientist walking through grass and brush with an orange bucket


A Physicist’s Search for Beauty

Portrait of a man in a suit with arms crossed in front of an illustration of the Standard Model of Physics


Remembering Steven Weinberg

Portrait of a man in a suit with arms crossed in front of a blackboard

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Charging Ahead
Clean energy research from UT Austin scientists holds disruptive potential. It comes just as new technologies are needed most.


A Biological Makerspace
In a little-known Austin tech hub, scientists use robots and AI to find treatments for COVID, fight the war on plastics and much more.


Anthony Varner Q&A
The Undergraduate, Neuroscience


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