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A student wearing a UT sweatshirt sits at a desk with Essentials of AI and a Longhorn silhouette displayed on two screens


Inaugural Class of AI Master’s Students Tackle a Transformative Moment in Tech

The University of Texas at Austin has welcomed its first cohort of students in the new, affordable, online artificial intelligence graduate degree program.

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3 Questions for Peter Stone

A man in a Texas Robotics t-shirt speaks at a mic, gesturing with his hands as robots and people interact in the background.

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A scientist in a boat wearing headphones and dangles a microphone in the water


Heartbeat of the Estuary

Philip Souza’s research is focused on the sounds that fish along the Texas Gulf Coast make to attract mates or defend territory.


Right Place, Right Time

The image is divided horizontally by an undulating line between a cloudscape forming a nebula along the bottom portion and a comparatively clear upper portion. Speckled across both portions is a starfield, showing innumerable stars of many sizes. The smallest of these are small, distant, and faint points of light. The largest of these appear larger, closer, brighter, and more fully resolved with 8-point diffraction spikes.


Neutralizing Crazy Ants

Scientist walking through grass and brush with an orange bucket

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Cosmic Dawn

The James Webb Space Telescope is taking us back to when the cosmic lights came on—and changing our calculus of the cosmos.


Impressive Stats

Explosive growth in statistics, data science, machine learning and AI is transforming how UT Austin researchers solve problems in health, the environment, astronomy and many other disciplines.


Learning Limits with the Tiniest of Fishes

Q&A with Simon Brandl, Ph.D.
The Faculty Member, Marine Science


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