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Cancer Prevention, Screening and Research Programs Expanding With CPRIT Support

Yi Lu and Lauren Ehrlich of the College of Natural Sciences are among the cancer researchers with exciting projects on the horizon.

Five head shots of scientists include two men and three women


Why the Powerhouses of Cells Evolve Differently in Plants

New research solves a mystery as to why mitochondria in some plants evolve faster than others.

A pink flower with green stem against a tan background


Vital Seagrasses in Gulf of Mexico Are Retreating Amid Rapid Sea Level Rise

At the Gulf Coast, rising sea levels are linked to a loss of valuable seagrass habitats in Texas, new research has found.

Two scientists stand in shin-deep coastal waters peering into a box at a sample


Climate Change and Habitat Loss Are Big Factors in Frog Pandemic

The worldwide decline in frog populations is due to a fast-spreading infection, but people also play a role.

A small frog perches on a large rock


Increased Use of Paxlovid Could Cut Hospitalizations, Deaths and Costs

Epidemiologists found that treating even 20% of symptomatic cases would save lives and improve public health.

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First Brainwide Map Shows How Sex and Intimacy Rewire the Brain

Steven Phelps and his team found 68 brain regions in prairie voles associated with mating and bonding.

A pair of small furry rodents snuggle


Scientists Develop New Theory to Understand Why Our Perception is Biased

Researchers examined decades of data to create a unifying theory to explain biases in perception.

Artist drawing of human head with colored lines pointing at the eye, colored dots representing the brain and math equations floating around the head.


Scientists Uncover Technique to Cut Off Cancer’s Fuel Supply

The discovery could lead to better treatments for acute myeloid leukemia in vulnerable populations.

Two dark cancer cells surrounded by red blood cells

McDonald Observatory

Discovery of Ultra-Massive Galaxies May Not Rewrite Cosmology, But Still Leaves Questions

Based on the most widely accepted cosmological model, they shouldn’t have been able to evolve until much later in the history of the Universe.

A field of stars and galaxies in deep space


Researchers Discover New Ways to Excite Spin Waves with Extreme Infrared Light

New ultrafast method for controlling magnetic materials might enable next-generation information processing technologies.

Two red waves enter a crystal from the left and on the other side, a blue and green wave emerge, each with a different wavelength