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New Research Advances Fight Against Human Metapneumovirus

New findings could lead to a vaccine for one more respiratory virus.

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Cognitive Impairment in Hispanic Adults Linked to Discrimination Experiences

Experiences with discrimination may be linked with disproportionate rates of cognitive decline in marginalized populations.

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Department of Molecular Biosciences

Potential New Drug Target Could Boost Effectiveness of Chemotherapy Drugs

A large family of reverse transcriptases (RTs) could inspire new drugs to improve cancer treatments

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These Tiny Coral Reef Fish Parents Decide When Their Embryos Hatch

Leaving the comfort and safety of home to explore the world is a difficult decision. However, in a tiny coral reef fish called a neon...

A pair of fish larvae newly hatched from eggs


Computer Science Professor Looks to Improve Accessible Technologies

Learn more about Amy Pavel's contributions to computer science and her decision to join UT Austin.

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Adding Predictability to the Carbon Market

Salt marshes are a hot but unpredictable commodity in the carbon market.

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Nexus Point: Kamyab Javanmardi

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Department of Molecular Biosciences

New Era at UT Austin Begins for Famous Long-Term Evolution Experiment

The Long-Term Evolution Experiment, one of the most famous in all of science, is now running on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

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Bringing Developmental Biology to South Texas

John Wallingford has taught developmental biology to students at two of the country's most highly prestigious and competitive institutions, and now he and Rudi Bohm...

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Delays in Contact Tracing Impeded Early COVID-19 Containment, Researchers Find

Contact tracing programs that aimed to slow the spread of COVID-19 hit snags due to an average five-day delay between identifying a case and isolating...

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