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As We Develop, the Brain Connects Lessons Learned Differently

A new study of brain activity patterns in people doing a memory task finds that the way we make inferences changes dramatically as we age.

Two scientists look at a computer monitor with brain scan images


First-Gen Student Navigates Own Path, Helps Others Chart Theirs

Guillermo Lezama who studies physics at UT Austin talks about how he became interested in the subject and his experience being a first-generation college student.

Portrait of a young man


New Gravitational Wave Catalog Reveals Black Holes of ‘All Shapes and Sizes’

In a paper published Nov. 7th on the preprint server ArXiv, the team has detected a further 35 gravitational wave events since the last catalog release in...

Chart showing masses of more than 100 black holes and neutron stars detected by gravitational waves

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How a Natural Disaster Can Bring Couples Closer

A new study has implications for how to help families in the aftermath of natural disasters.

An older man in a yellow rain coat holds the arm of an older woman, right, as they wade through ankle-deep flood waters during Hurricane Harvey


New Model Reveals How Chromosomes Get Packed Up

The first theoretical model of condensin, a molecular machine involved in packing and unpacking chromosomes, accurately reproduces all known experiments with just two parameters.

Illustrations of a molecule in two states, open and closed


Like Their Domestic Cousins, Native Bees are Hurt by Pesticides

Numerous studies have found negative impacts of agrochemicals, such as neonicotinoids, on both honey bees and native bees, and researchers like Felicity Muth and her...

A purple bee


Loss of Picky-Eating Fishes Threatens Coral Reef Food Webs

Delicate ecosystems become more precarious as specialized hunters disappear.

A school of red fish swim above a coral reef

Department of Computer Science

New Materials Could Lead to Computers That Work Like the Human Brain

An interdisciplinary team of researchers are working on a radically new kind of computer called a neuromorphic computer, inspired by the human brain.

Illustration of a computer chip


Unlocking Secrets of Some of the World’s Smallest Viruses

Scientists finally get a good look at the tiniest viruses and discover a few of their unique tricks.

A green and blue model of a microvirus against a black background


Finding the Goldilocks Zone for Fish at Oil Platforms

If you are an angler looking for the best place to fish in the Gulf of Mexico, the oil platforms offshore of Louisiana's Atchafalaya River...

Near an oil rig underwater, fish swarm