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Black Families Are Combating the Effects of Discrimination on Their Children Through Talks

Conversations between parents and children have been shown to improve outcomes for the children.

A Black man, left sits beside a Black boy on a front porch as the two talk

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Older Adults Are Happier When Space Matches Personality

People who have a match between personality and living space report better well-being.

Artist image of a living room with lasers and static superimposed over the top


First Confirmed Detection of Neutron Stars Crashing into Black Holes

UT Austin scientists were involved in detecting two events, occurring 10 days apart in January 2020, in which black holes and neutron stars collided.

illustration - nsbh disruption

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Evidence Against Physically Punishing Kids Is Clear, Researchers Say

Physical punishment is ineffective and predicts increases in behavior problems.

A tunnel looking out into a forested area. Two figures, one adult, one child, are silhouetted and holding hands

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New Study on Climate Change Impacts on Plants Could Lead to Better Conservation Strategies

The loss of plant species that are especially vulnerable to climate change might lead to bigger problems than previous studies have suggested

A meadow with yellow wildflowers

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Blaming the Pandemic for Stress Leaves Couples Happier

Blaming outside stressors, rather than each other, for problems in the relationship leaves couples more satisfied.

Artist illustration shows a couple with arms around each other surrounded by a picket fence

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System Linked to Operational Hospitals, Shorter Lockdowns, Lives Saved

A staged alert system, designed by scientists and public health officials to guide local policies, helped one city prevent hospital surges and long lockdowns.

Virus particles float near graphic showing a line of pikes and valleys representing transmission

Department of Molecular Biosciences

New Insights Could Lead to Crops Adapted to a Warming World

A new study offers hope that breeders will be able to develop crops that can tolerate higher temperatures while also maintaining high yield

several plant seedlings of different sizes are lined up in comparison

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First Glimpse of Brains Retrieving Mistaken Memories Observed

Scientists have observed for the first time what it looks like in the key memory region of the brain when a mistake is made during...

Artist illustration of a human brain with circuit board designs over the top


Xue-Xin Wei Asks Basic Questions about the Nature of Intelligence

Learn more about Xue-Xin Wei's decision to join UT Austin's Department of Neuroscience as an assistant professor and his contributions to the field.

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