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An Evolving Museum Opens Again

What was the Texas Memorial Museum Reopens as Texas Science and Natural History Museum this weekend.

A tyrannosaur skull fossil in front of a window and a Texas seal inside a museum


How to Extend the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables with Science

Hong Qiao, a plant researcher, explains the science behind produce ripening, and how anyone can prolong shelf life.

The ethylene from bananas stored together can even cause each other to ripen faster.


Innovative Program Gives Students with Disabilities University Experience

An idea that started with a neuroscientist’s personal experience morphed into a lifelong continuing education program for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

A student from the program partaking in hands on activities.


FDA-Approved RSV Vaccine Enabled by Work of UT Molecular Biologist

Every year, millions of people become sickened by RSV, and more than 100,000 die. New vaccines with a connection to UT Austin may help turn...

A child gets a bandage after receiving a vaccination

Dell Medical School

Marissa Burgermaster: Breaking Down Your ‘Gut’ Feelings on Nutrition

Food is one of many factors impacting health, but it can be one of the most difficult to solve for — requiring understanding of nutrition...

A woman sits in a chair, leaning forward with her hands clasped


Food for Thought: Nutrition Researcher Embraces the Toughest Subjects

Beth Widen, a nutrition researcher at The University of Texas at Austin, is seeking to untangle the complex relationship between nutrition in pregnancy and infancy...

Beth Widen, a dark haired woman in a white coat, leans over an infant lying on a table. She smiles down at the infant.

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Integrative Biology Professor Studies Critical Link between Plants and Pollinators

University of Texas at Austin integrative biology professor Shalene Jha studies critical link in the web of life: plants and pollinators.

A woman stands opens a drawer of preserved insects labeled "Texas Native Bees" while standing in front of a poster about polllinators


New Department Chair Aims to Improve Youth Mental Health Through Research

Gabriela Livas Stein hopes to build on research strengths in UT Austin’s Department of Human Development and Family Sciences.

Profile image of Gabriela Livas Stein

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Award-winning Math Faculty Member Bill Wolesensky is Outstanding in his Field

The lifelong farmer and award-winning math teacher discusses how math changed him and how it can change the world.

A man in a collared shirt is shown in black and white against a burnt orange designed backdrop


Eyes on the Next Pandemic

Lauren Ancel Meyers leads a National Science Foundation-funded pilot grant to establish the UT Center for Pandemic Decision Science.

A medical doctor and a scientist stand together against a backdrop