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Weinberg Institute

Postcards from the Field: First Light for a New High-Desert Telescope

High in a Chilean desert, scientists at the Simons Observatory probe the cosmic microwave background for clues about the history of the early universe.

A telescope enclosure sits in front of mountains under a blue sky

UT News

What Can A Total Solar Eclipse Teach Us About Our Universe?

Astrophysicists and astronomers at UT Austin have used these rare phenomena to help answer fundamental questions about our universe.

A man on a ladder works on a small white building in a desert


Top Prize Image in Visualizing Science Contest Captures Research Tied to the Sun

Ph.D. student Maile Marriott’s submission illustrates the complexities of the “space weather” generated by our sun.

Top Prize Editor’s Choice


Undergraduate Researchers Help Unlock Lessons of Machine Learning and AI

From large language models to brain-machine interfaces, students work with faculty on cutting-edge research.

Four students post on a staircase near a limestone building at UT.

McDonald Observatory

April 8 Eclipse Update from McDonald Observatory

On Monday, April 8, parts of North America will experience a total solar eclipse and the UT observatory offers tips.

A woman dawns protective eclipse glasses and looks at the sun on a cloudless day


One Year After Chat GPT-4, Researcher Reflects on What to Know about Generative AI

Insights from Risto Miikkulainen, a UT Austin professor of computer science and VP of AI Research at Cognizant Advanced AI Labs.

An aerial view of the University of Texas at Austin campus and Tower is overlain with bits and burnt orange from the Year of AI theme.

UT News

The Sun’s Corona: A Boiling Pot On An Ice Cube

Jarrod Bianco and Maile Marriott, two graduate students working with physicist Anna Tenerani, talk heliophysics.

A dark line intersects with rings of color and blackness as a light emenates out.

UT News

The Challenges, Possibilities and Ethics of AI-Enabled Robots

Experts weighed in at UT’s Hook ‘Em House at SXSW, including Peter Stone who has devoted his professional life to programming and developing robots.

A man on a panel gestures with his hands while his fellow panelists look on.

UT News

3 Questions for Peter Stone

The director of Texas Robotics and professor of computer science warms up for South by Southwest.

A man in a Texas Robotics t-shirt speaks at a mic, gesturing with his hands as robots and people interact in the background.


UT Entomologists Collaborate on Insect-Inspired Album

An award-winning composer came to class and had scientists lend an ear, resulting in music that’s all the buzz.

A young treehopper photographed at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory polllinator garden is one of the insects that inspired a scientist-musician collaboraiton. Credit: Alex Wild