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Reading the Tea Leaves

Sometimes well known, simple household objects can be the best tools to use in a science experiment.

An aerial shot of a salt marsh showing land water and a vessel


Grad Students at Forefront of Efforts to Create Belonging in Science

Learn about how UT Austin's College of Natural Science is working to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Nurdle Patrol Expands its Citizen Scientist Effort to Fight Plastic Pollution on Beaches

Plastic pollution in marine environments has no border, and now neither does the Nurdle Patrol.

Jace Tunnell of the Nurdle Patrol on the beach crouches and picks up plastic pellets to add to a tube


Technological Leaps Help Biologists Study Quickly Changing Landscapes

Technology allows scientists to gather data where they never could before.

Five people stand in a field in outdoor gear


E-Cookbook Promotes Sustainable Food Sourcing and Raises Funds for Charity

UT Austin students of the Coordinated Program in Dietetics created an e-cookbook to support an organization that aims to end hunger in Texas.

Group photo of a professor and several students

Department of Computer Science

Graduating Computer Science Student Leaders Look Back on Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives

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Graduating Senior Finds Passions in Exoplanets and Outreach

Zoe de Beurs wasn't sure what she wanted to do when she first arrived at UT Austin, but after graduating, she started a Ph.D. in...

A young woman in a graduation gown


Graduating Researcher and Student Leader Grateful for Mentorship and Support

During Brett Dolotina's time at UT Austin, they advocated for LGBTQ+ students as a member of the President's Student Advisory Committee (PSAC) and were involved...

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Nutrition Researchers Developing Digital Platform for Teachers

A group of University of Texas at Austin nutrition researchers and educators received a grant to encourage kids to make healthy eating choices by providing...

Adults and children work together on building school gardens with TX Sprouts