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5 Things UT Science Tells Us About Healthy Couples

A closeup of a couple clasping hands


12 Ways Texas Science Innovators Made the Most of this Year

Here are a handful of ways that members of our science and mathematics community brandished their entrepreneurial spirit this year.

3 Students wearing t-shirts celebrating 1,000+ patents jump for joy in front of the UT Austin tower


Melissa Kemp Combines Art and Science in Study of Lizards

Melissa Kemp, an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, studies how extinction, biological diversification and colonization are shaped by environmental upheavals.

Profile pic of Melissa Kemp


Faculty Empower Students in Curie Diaries Event

The Curie Diaries Event at UT Austin aims to create a space for female professors and students to discuss their experiences.

Four women in conversation, standing around a table


Visualizing Science 2019: Revealing Hidden Splendor in Research

A network of gut bacteria of tadpoles from nine ponds in East Texas. Each color is a pond, and each dot is a different species of bacteria.


Feliciano Giustino Uses Quantum Mechanics to Create New Materials


Giustino stands in front of a wall of LCD screens displaying computational models


5 Ways UT Science is Fighting Back on Microplastics

Jace Tunnell holds a plastic nurdle between thumb and forefinger


Katherine Freese Has Ideas to Support Detection of Dark Matter

Learn about Katherine Freese's decision to join UT Austin's Department of Physics and her work with developing theories about dark matter and what happened at...

Portrait of a woman