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AIDS Research by Alum Left Lasting Impact

Dr. Nahmias' impassioned pursuit of new knowledge, especially related to the AIDS virus, made a difference for many.

A young man in a Texas t-shirt reads a newspaper many decades ago


5 Things Scientists Say to Try in Your Yard This Spring

Closeup of coral honeysuckle blooms


Undergraduate Experiences in Freshman Research Initiative Deliver Lasting Benefits

A new study finds that the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) experience translates to higher earnings for participants later on.

FRI researchers in a lab wearing goggles point to a finding


Chemistry Alum and Owner of Live Oak Brewing Talks Hops

Chip McElroy behind the bar at Live Oak Brewing in Austin


Visualizing Science 2017: Finding the Hidden Beauty in College Research

Five years ago the College of Natural Sciences began an annual tradition called Visualizing Science with the intent of finding the inherent beauty hidden within...

This image shows the turbulent gas structures in a three-dimensional, multi-physics supercomputer simulation during the formation of such massive clusters, with the red-to-violet rainbow spectrum representing gas at high-to-low densities.


Scientist Battling Invincible Microbes Takes Fight to the Silver Screen

Learn about UT Austin's Bryan Davies and his research into how to combat antibiotic-resistant bacteria and develop new antimicrobials to fight infection.

Two men embrace