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Cancer-Fighting Faculty Member and Alum Made Key Strides for Patients

HER2 breast cancer met its match when a faculty member and industry scientist and alumna of The University of Texas at Austin made contributions working...

Dan Leahy in a collared shirt in a circle graphic


A Peek Into the Minds of Award-Winning Educators

The College of Natural Sciences is currently celebrating Discovery Education Week to promote and discuss science education throughout the college.

Fatima Fakhreddine, Calvin Lin and Theresa O'Halloran


The Unexpected Journey of a Veteran Student and Astronomer

The educational journey of one exceptional student has taken her from translating Arabic in the Air Force to learning the secrets of the stars.

Rebecca Larson


Graduate Students Ensure Science Under the Stars Shines Bright

The free, monthly public lecture series was founded and is run completely by students in the Plant Biology and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB) graduate...

A mother and child attend Science Under the Stars.


Physics Alum a Lead on Gravitational Waves Discovery

UT Austin alumnus David Reitze talks about an event that happened in September or more than a billion years ago, depending on how you look...

An artist's rendition showing a person looking out at four celestial bodies


Testing General Relativity

Scientists from UT Austin have traveled to the Sahara Desert to observe a rare eclipse and used computers to model ripples in space and time...

A man stands on a ladder outside a white hut in the desert


Can General Relativity, at 100, Withstand Some Holes?

Answering some of the biggest questions in astrophysics—for example, about black holes and the origin of the universe—might require overhauling general relativity.

Illustration of a black hole


Prof_iles: Steve Finkelstein

Astronomer Steve Finkelstein studies galaxy evolution

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Visualizing Science 2015: Beautiful Images From College Research

As part of a continuing tradition, we invited faculty, staff and students in the College of Natural Sciences community to send us images this past...

A map of DNA fragments sequenced from the Gulf of Mexico dead zone. The dead zone is an area of low oxygen in the Gulf. Each square is a different DNA fragment from the water. The colored groupings—based on similar DNA sequence composition—represent genomes of newly discovered species that are important to the ecosystem.


2015 Summer Blockbusters: Meet Our Science Truth Detector

With summer movie season in full swing, cinema-goers are leaving theaters with one big question in mind: “Wait, could that really happen?”

Cartoon characters representing different feelings stand around a control console