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Extending a Welcome Mat for Scientific, Mathematical Talent

To advance a sense of belonging, while addressing challenges that disproportionately occur for women and people from underrepresented groups, a number of initiatives are underway.

Two students talking on steps in front of the main administration building at the University of Texas at Austin


AIDS Research by Alum Left Lasting Impact

Dr. Nahmias' impassioned pursuit of new knowledge, especially related to the AIDS virus, made a difference for many.

A young man in a Texas t-shirt reads a newspaper many decades ago


5 Things Scientists Say to Try in Your Yard This Spring

Closeup of coral honeysuckle blooms


Undergraduate Experiences in Freshman Research Initiative Deliver Lasting Benefits

A new study finds that the Freshman Research Initiative (FRI) experience translates to higher earnings for participants later on.

FRI researchers in a lab wearing goggles point to a finding


Chemistry Alum and Owner of Live Oak Brewing Talks Hops

Chip McElroy behind the bar at Live Oak Brewing in Austin