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Faculty Empower Students in Curie Diaries Event

The Curie Diaries Event at UT Austin aims to create a space for female professors and students to discuss their experiences.

Four women in conversation, standing around a table

Texas Leader

Alumna Supports her Love of Nature through Gifts to College of Natural Sciences

The story of how this Lost Pines treasure landed within the College of Natural Sciences begins with UT alumna Lorraine Stengl, known to many as...

Lorraine Wyer and Casey Stengl stand in hats in an outdoor area at Stengl Lost Pines BIological Station with wildflowers in the foreground and a building farther away


5 Ways UT Science is Fighting Back on Microplastics

Jace Tunnell holds a plastic nurdle between thumb and forefinger


Katherine Freese Has Ideas to Support Detection of Dark Matter

Learn about Katherine Freese's decision to join UT Austin's Department of Physics and her work with developing theories about dark matter and what happened at...

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Department of Molecular BIosciences

Turning Plant Pests into Helpers

Aphids are an enemy for most plants now, but the latest work from a team led by Jeffrey Barrick may make them a crop's new...

A field of crops with trees in the background