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Heartbeat of the Estuary

Philip Souza’s research is focused on the sounds that fish along the Texas Gulf Coast make to attract mates or defend territory.

A scientist in a boat wearing headphones and dangles a microphone in the water


Brain Activity Decoder Can Reveal Stories in People’s Minds

The work relies in part on a transformer model, similar to the ones that power ChatGPT.

Strings of words spiral out from a brain


Right Place, Right Time

Like the Hubble Space Telescope before it, the James Webb Space Telescope has the potential to change the course of astronomy and inspire a new...

The image is divided horizontally by an undulating line between a cloudscape forming a nebula along the bottom portion and a comparatively clear upper portion. Speckled across both portions is a starfield, showing innumerable stars of many sizes. The smallest of these are small, distant, and faint points of light. The largest of these appear larger, closer, brighter, and more fully resolved with 8-point diffraction spikes.


Neutralizing Crazy Ants

Biologist Edward LeBrun is weaponizing a natural pathogen to use as a biocontrol for tawny crazy ants from South America that have become prevalent in...

Scientist walking through grass and brush with an orange bucket


A Physicist’s Search for Beauty

Steven Weinberg aimed to distill the rules of physics down to their simplest, most beautiful essence.

Portrait of a man in a suit with arms crossed in front of an illustration of the Standard Model of Physics


Remembering Steven Weinberg

Steven Weinberg was best known for his Nobel-prize winning work that unified two fundamental forces of nature — electromagnetism and the weak force.

Portrait of a man in a suit with arms crossed in front of a blackboard


Frog Pandemic

Frogs are also struggling through their own pandemic that has several eerie parallels with COVID-19.

A green frog rests on a tree branch


Presenting the Texas Podcast Network

Today we're doing something a little different. We're bringing you an excerpt from another great podcast produced here at the University of Texas at Austin...

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The Case Against Spanking

Liz Gershoff thinks that as a society, we should get away from the idea that violence is integral to teaching children.

Portrait of a woman with glasses


Do Sick Animals Socially Distance?

According to a new review in the journal Science, when highly social animals — such as ants, mice and bats — get sick, their social interactions change...

A group of common vampire bats just hanging around