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Can Sound Save a Fish?

Gulf Corvina look pretty ordinary—they're a couple of feet long and silvery. Yet the sounds they make—when millions get together to spawn—are a kind of...

Illustration of people in a boat with a microphone dangling in the water and a group of fish emitting waves of sound


Keeps Us on Our Toes

Michael Mauk is working on a "digital cerebellum" that mimics the part of the brain that helps us keep from falling. It could help make...

Robot standing on a soccer pitch preparing to kick a red ball into a net


The Science of Relationships

What are the health benefits of romantic relationships? How can newlyweds avoid communication breakdowns that result from external stress? Do optimists make better partners?

Older couple, the woman's hand rests on the cheek of the man, both look content


Resetting the Alcoholic Brain

The brains of people experiencing alcohol addiction have different patterns of gene expression than those without addiction. Could this lead to a new kind of...

A pair of hands holding a glass of semi-clear yellowish liquid


The Mighty Copepod

These teeny shrimp-like critters at the bottom of the ocean food web seem totally unimportant.

Microsope image of a colorful shrimp-like creature


Evolution Inspires Anthrax Cure

Scientists borrowed tricks from evolution to develop the world's first treatment for late stage inhalation anthrax.

Soldier wearing uniform, helmet and gas mask


The Last First Planetary Mission

University of Texas at Austin alumnus Alan Stern describes the challenges, and the joys, of the last first mission to a planet.

Artist's illustration of a spacecraft flying past a planet


Some Bacteria Have Lived in the Human Gut Since Before We Were Human

New study suggests that evolution plays a larger role than previously known in people's intestinal-microbe makeup.

Illustration of green and purple microbes enlarged under a microscope


Looking Forward ... and Back: Podcast Updates

In case you missed it, here are some Point of Discovery podcast highlights from the past year, plus a preview of new episodes coming soon

Logo with a microscope in front of an abstract blue background and the words "Point of Discovery"


Why is CGI in the Movies Still So Hard?

A computer scientist talks about the challenges of CGI in the movies.

A stream of raspbrerry sauce being poured over a chocolate bunny