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Can We Build Machines that are Less Biased Than We Are?

Think about some of the most important decisions people make – who to hire for a job, which kind of treatment to give a cancer...

A woman representing the concept of justice by wearing a blindfold and holding a scale


Which Mental Superpower Would You Choose?

In this episode of Point of Discovery, we talk to neuroscientist Laura Colgin about the potential, and possible pitfalls, of new technologies that connect the human brain...

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James Allison Eases Off the Brakes

In today's episode of Point of Discovery, UT Austin alum James Allison talks about the uphill climb to make cancer immunotherapy a reality.

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When Science Communication Doesn’t Get Through

Climate change, vaccinations, evolution. Scientists sometimes struggle to get their message across to non-scientists.

A person holds their hands over their ears as a graph showing global warming moves by like an audio wave


A Score to Settle with Cancer

Jonathan Sessler knows the odds of bringing effective new cancer treatments to market are stacked against him, yet he tirelessly pushes ahead.

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Tackling Science and Engineering’s Diversity Problem

Three leaders in science and engineering discuss the obstacles for women and racial minorities to enter or stay in STEM.

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The Language Brokers

Researchers like Su Yeong Kim are debating whether being a language broker is good for children, or not.

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Eyewitness to a Cosmic Car Wreck

What is the sound of two neutron stars colliding over 1 billion light years away?

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Scientists: New Device Accurately Identifies Cancer in Seconds

A team of scientists and engineers at The University of Texas at Austin has invented the MasSpec Pen, helping improve treatment and reduce the chances...

Scientist in white labcoat and blue gloves touches a pen-like device to a red tissue sample


When Will We Have Quantum Computers?

Scott Aaronson believes in the next few years, someone may achieve something called quantum supremacy—the first demonstration of a quantum computer doing something faster than...

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