Learn by Doing

How you learn at The University of Texas at Austin extends far beyond the classroom—into undergraduate research, internships, experiences abroad, volunteer efforts, projects and intensives.

What is experiential learning?

Classroom education is only one part of our student learning experience. Hand in hand with what you learn in class are important lessons that can happen only in the lab, the field and those unique university conversations and moments where students get to be stretched outside of their comfort zone. 

Undergraduate Research

Students at UT Austin get to practice something altogether new when they enter a research lab. The University of Texas at Austin is ranked among the top institutions in the country for undergraduate research, including in our award-winning Freshman Research Initiative

Options for Every Major

Outside of FRI and similar group-based programs, you can also do research on your own in a faculty member's lab, study abroad, launch entrepreneurial efforts, volunteer, intern, participate in hackathons and tackle other practical and hands-on way of learning. 

Experiential Learning Consulting

Texas Science offers a one-stop shop for connecting students to experiences, both curricular and extra-curricular, through the Undergraduate Office of Diversity and Student Programs. Find out about experiential learning opportunities, international study and research opportunities, opportunities to do undergraduate research in faculty labs and the annual Undergraduate Research Forum. Are you a current student and ready to learn more? Contact us:


UTeach Outreach

With UTeach Outreach, students take courses (CH 207K and CH371K) and gain opportunities to collaborate with peers, further engage with their content experiences and inspire K-12 students to take an active interest in STEM. Students take ownership of their learning and positively impact the local community by leading after-school STEM clubs, presenting electrical engineering and computer science challenges, supporting community events and more.

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