Student Advocacy & Awards

Students advocate, serve, effect change and earn recognition for their efforts in Texas Science.

Natural Sciences Council

Founded to serve as a direct link between students and faculty in the college, the Natural Sciences Council focuses on improving the Texas Science student experience. NSC supports students by connecting them to various programs, entities and organizations and offering events through the year. Students receive help accessing resources they need to succeed. NSC members get involved in community service, professional development, diversity and inclusion, campus legislation and more.

CNS Distinctions & Awards

Texas Science students have many opportunities to earn recognition—from academic honors to research awards at the annual Undergraduate Research Forum to Dean’s Honored Graduate recognition for top graduates.

Any CNS student is eligible to be nominated for a college-wide Distinction in one of the following categories: 

  • Service and Leadership: Students earning this distinction have demonstrated excellence in the area of Service and Leadership by recognizing and actively filling a need, creating new opportunities, and advocating for needed changes within the College
  • Community & Student Engagement: Students earning this distinction may have demonstrated excellence through leadership or innovation within CNS around Community & Student Engagement topics; many are leading/innovating while taking courses in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Concentration.
  • Entrepreneurship: Students earning this distinction have the ability to recognize the potential in an idea and organize people and resources to bring it to fruition. This broader definition includes entrepreneurs who are driving social change, advancing research, as well as those who are starting up new businesses
  • Research: Students earning this distinction have demonstrated excellence in the area of Research by publishing a paper or conference proceeding, presenting at a research conference outside of UT or winning an award in their field of research