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Shining a Light on How Bilingual Children Learn

UT assistant professor Maria Arredondo conducts an experiment to identify whether or not bilingual children are more efficient learners.

A child wearing a black cap touches a touchscreen computer


New UTeach Access Program Creates Pathway to Grow STEM Teacher Workforce

The University of Texas at Austin's UTeach program, based in the College of Natural Sciences, and Austin Community College have joined forces to launch UTeach...

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Visualizing Science 2022: Illuminating the Intrinsic Beauty in Academic Research

The winners of our most recent Visualizing Science contest include an image related to “smart” material research, simulations of a meeting between a neutron star...

Winning Image


Steven Weinberg’s Test of Quantum Mechanics Might Soon Be Realized

Experimental physicist Mark Raizen found himself intrigued by the unrealized potential of Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg's paper.

Glowing laser beams in red, yellow and green criss-cross an atomic clock


Need a Place to Study this Academic Year? We’ve Got You Covered.

Tired of studying at the same places on campus?

A stuffed Bevo sits on a study table


After Fire Damages Stengl Lost Pines, Scientists Say Discovery Will Rise from the Ashes

More than two-thirds of the Stengl Lost Pines Biological Station (SLP), which was home to forests, savannah, and wildlife inhabitants, burned in a fire.

Firefighter at wheel of vehicle consults with colleagues outdoors


How to Best Support LGTBQ Youth, According to Science

Simple steps adults can take to support the young people around them.

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Living Laboratories: Field Stations Offer Opportunities for Real-World Science

A network of field stations helps scientists understand invasive species, climate change impacts and search for potential green fuels.

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Department of Statistics and Data Sciences

Layla Parast Aims to Improve Healthcare Using Biostatistics

Meet new statistics and data science professor, Layla Parast, whose work in biostatistics aims to improve medical treatments and trial outcomes.

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UT Austin Offers New Undergraduate Major in Statistics and Data Science

Statistics and Data Sciences are among the fastest growing fields in the United States.

The UT Tower light up with orange lights at dusk