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New Iris Apfel Coloring Book Will Support Student Scholarships

The coloring book features the unstoppable fashion icon.

Black and white phot of Iris Apfel


Texas Science Students Serve the Community During the Pandemic

Undergraduates in public health, neuroscience and computer science found ways amidst the pandemic to help out their communities and fellow classmates.

A composite portrait of 6 students with the words "Serving the Community"


Spring Insects to Spot on Neighborhood Walks

With much of the world practicing social distancing, walks and other opportunities to get outdoors are the highlight of many people's days right now.

A green sweat bee covered in yellow pollen sits on a purple flower


7 Ideas from the School of Human Ecology for Responding to COVID-19

Stephen Russell talks about how we can use the pandemic to reach greater human connection.

A person walks across the Gearing Hall courtyard alone near the UT Tower


Joydeep Biswas Builds Robots to Navigate the Real World

Joydeep Biswas leads the Autonomous Mobile Robotics Laboratory (AMRL) at UT

Robotic car


Graduate Researcher Studies Cells that Fight Autoimmunity

Jayashree Srinivasan works to unlock the secrets of the immune system

Jayashree (Jay) Srinivasan in white lab coat at her laboratory bench


What Neuroscience Suggests to Better Your Study Habits

Every student has their own style of studying for exams. Some hold marathon study sessions, others endlessly review their notes.

A drawing of a desk covered in papers and post-it notes, pends and coffee cups


5 Things UT Science Tells Us About Healthy Couples

A closeup of a couple clasping hands


12 Ways Texas Science Innovators Made the Most of this Year

Here are a handful of ways that members of our science and mathematics community brandished their entrepreneurial spirit this year.

3 Students wearing t-shirts celebrating 1,000+ patents jump for joy in front of the UT Austin tower


Melissa Kemp Combines Art and Science in Study of Lizards

Melissa Kemp, an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, studies how extinction, biological diversification and colonization are shaped by environmental upheavals.

Profile pic of Melissa Kemp