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Unraveling How One of the Most Important Cell Types Form

Stomata are critical to plant biology and scientists have found a key to how they get there.

Microscopic images of plant stomata

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Weight Gain in Pregnancy May Be Linked to Later Growth Patterns in Daughters

Patterns of weight gain in pregnancy may offer clues to how children will grow.

Photo of a pregnant woman seated as she looks at an ultrasound photo

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COVID Forecasting Method Shown to Reliably Guide U.S. Cities Through Pandemic Threats

Using cellphone mobility data and COVID-19 hospital admissions data, researchers at The University of Texas at Austin have reliably forecast regional hospital demands for almost...

An illustration of the Austin skyline against a graph line showing peaks and valleys


Getting Math and Physics on the Same Page

Mathematicians are working to bring quantum field theory (QFT) into mainstream mathematics.

Three colored lines spiral around each other from the top to bottom of the image

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Sodium-based Material Yields Stable Alternative to Lithium-ion Batteries

A new sodium-based battery material is highly stable, capable of recharging as quickly as a lithium-ion battery and might deliver more energy than current battery...

Microscope images of the surface of two materials, one with noodle-like lumps and the other much smoother

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Potential New Gene Editing Tools Uncovered

New research dramatically expands the number of naturally occurring versions of CRISPR-associated transposons (CASTs), giving researchers a wealth of potential new tools for large-scale gene...

Illustration of DNA helix

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UT Austin Harnesses Power of Biology in Partnership with Army Research Laboratory

Inside the "biological foundry" at the Army Research Lab's ARL-South partnership on the campus of UT Austin

A scientist leans into a laboratory hood and moves samples under a robotic arm


Switchgrass Genes Offer Advantages as Climate Change Tool

This native grass can capture atmospheric carbon in its substantial root system.

Large bundles of swtichgrass in a field.

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Texas Astronomers Discover Strangely Massive Black Hole in Milky Way Satellite Galaxy

UT astronomers María José Bustamante, Eva Noyola, Karl Gebhardt and Greg Zeimann, with colleagues from Germany’s Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics, made the discovery.

An inset within a larger picture of the Milky Way shows both luminous stars and an apparent anomoly

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Breakthrough in Fight on Tick-Borne CCHF Virus is Latest Use of New Strategy Against Diseases

Scientists are developing vaccines and other treatments for the tick-borne Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF)

A multicolored molecule