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Vulnerable Neighborhoods Bore Brunt of Pandemic Well into its Second Year

A study in PLOS Computational Biology from University of Texas at Austin epidemiologists examined COVID infection and hospitalization rates by zip code.

A map of Travis County shows different Zip codes in different colors against a grid. Lines intersect higher and lower income areas.


New Imaging Tool Shines a Light on Role of GlycoRNAs in Cancer and Immunity

The previously unknown molecule was just discovered two years earlier and appears to play important roles in health.

Illustration of the ARPLA system detecting glycoRNAs


Nexus Point: Andrew Koepp

A man with blonde hair smiling and looking at the camera

Dell Medical School

Moving From Distressed Areas to Better-Resourced Neighborhoods Improves Kids’ Asthma

Roger Peng, a professor in the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences, contributed to a new study of childhood asthma in JAMA.

A family carries boxes into their new home


Depression in LGBTQ Youth Linked with Lack of Parental Support, Controlling Behavior

The study also found whether a young person was out to their parents mattered.

A pair of hands ties a rainbow ribbon on the wrist of another arm


New Model Could Yield Clues about Diseases Related to Chromosome Packing

The most accurate quantitative model yet for understanding the role of condensin during cell division is also visually stunning.

3D model depicting how the condensin molecules prompt the folding process


Newfound Link Between Alzheimer’s and Iron Could Lead to New Medical Interventions

A novel imaging method using DNA-based fluorescent sensors is yielding new insights about the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

A doctor shows a brain scan image to a woman in a blue hospital gown


James Webb Space Telescope Images Challenge Theories of How Universe Evolved

Hefty young galaxies defy the reigning model of cosmology, called "dark energy + cold dark matter" or ΛCDM.

Six candidate galaxies


James Webb’s First Stunning Image of Cassiopeia A, Fragments of a Hellish Explosion

A new image of a supernova remnant reveals wonders, beauty, secrets of star structure and building blocks of life.

Wisps of colorful gas and dust in a telescope image showing the remains of a supernova explosion


A New Way of Looking at the Differences Between the Sexes

Researchers set out to explain the variation in how the same genes are expressed in men and women.

Illustration of a DNA helix in different colors