Physical Sciences

Revealing insights at the core of new developments to benefit humanity and improving our understanding of the foundation for all sciences.

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Why study the physical sciences?

Understand underlying forces that drive the universe and our material world. Conduct research that can bring about new technologies, lead to advances in energy and the environment and enable breakthroughs in our understanding.


Three academic departments offer physical sciences education and transformative research.

The amazing programs and environment that UT offers attracted me. Not only is UT a top-tier research university, it has tons to offer socially and culturally.”

Oxana Chingaeva

Chemistry and Biochemistry

Physical Sciences

Majors and Degrees

Degree options span the physical sciences.


Astronomy, B.A.

Astronomy, B.S.A.*

Astronomy, B.S.*

Astronomy, Ph.D.



Chemistry, B.A.

Chemistry, B.S.A.

Chemistry, B.S.*
with concentration options available:
Computation, Chemical Physics and Instruction, Molecular Theory and Simulation, Materials Chemistry, Synthesis and Chemical Biology, Teaching (UTeach various certifications)

Chemistry, Ph.D.




Physics, B.A.

Physics, B.S.A.*

Physics, B.S.* 
with concentration options available:
Computation, Radiation Physics, Space Sciences, Biophysics, Teaching (UTeach various certifications)

Physics, M.A.

Applied Physics, M.S.

Physics, Ph.D.

*Option to specialize in honors

All majors in this area are math-intensive

While we do not offer an astrophysics major, there’s a recommended path for preparing students for graduate school through double majoring in astronomy and physics, adding four upper-division physics courses for an astronomy major.

Conduct Research

Students gain firsthand experience through research alongside faculty in these disciplines. Our Freshman Research Initiative has courses and research opportunities in areas like the ones below.

Physical Sciences Advising

Got an interest in physical sciences but not sure what to do next? When you are a student, advisors can help you navigate possibilities, from majors to degree options to alignment with careers.