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Texas Memorial Museum Set to Reopen in 2023 with Renovations and New Exhibits

The University of Texas at Austin and its College of Natural Sciences will renovate and upgrade one of the most historic visitors' spots on campus...

Statue of a sabertooth cat outside the Texas Memorial Museum

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Can Robots and Humans Co-exist in Public? UT Campus Study Will Offer Answers

Autonomous robots will soon rove the buildings and streets of The University of Texas at Austin campus.

A robot with four legs climbs stairs on the UT Austin campus


Students Win Big at International Synthetic Biology Competition

Undergraduate students at UT Austin are recognized for their work which could save bats from a condition that is often deadly and dangerous.

A team of cheering students

Oden Institute News

James Chelikowsky Wins Feynman Prize

Chelikowsky, Director of the Center for Computational Materials at the Oden Institute, received the 2022 Foresight Institute Feynman Prize for Theory.

A man in a suit and glasses stands in front of a glass-paned wall


Newly Opened Patton Center for Marine Science Education Offers Opportunities to Explore

A newly renovated and reimagined space for exploring the science of marine life and ecosystems is now open to the public, free of charge, on...

Two young children play at an exhibit that shows underwater sea life on a screen


Postdoctoral Fellow Receives Inaugural NAS Science Communication Award

Arianna Long of UT Austin has been recognized for her communication of research on the evolution of the universe.

Portrait of a woman

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National Science Foundation Award Paves Way for UT Center for Pandemic Decision Science

The National Science Foundation has selected The University of Texas at Austin for a pilot grant to establish the UT Center for Pandemic Decision Science...

Arrows on a table point in many directions as people at the periphery determine strategy

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‘Smart Plastic’ Material is Step Forward Toward Soft, Flexible Robotics and Electronics

New plastic has rigid and stretchy sections inspired by living things.

A strip of plastic with rainbow diamond pattern on a black ground

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Texas Biologics to Bolster Research in Therapeutics

A new University of Texas at Austin initiative will focus primarily on biologic research and development.

A graduate student in a white coat pipettes in a lab wearing gloves


Department of Energy Selects Timothy Liao for Graduate Student Research Program

UT Austin's Timothy Liao has been selected to participate in a research program where he will develop computational tools for material design and discovery.

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