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First Recognition of Self in the Mirror Is Spurred by Touch

New evidence reveals that young children learn self-awareness through experiences of touch.

A toddler gazes at herself in the mirror and smiles.

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The Challenges, Possibilities and Ethics of AI-Enabled Robots

Experts weighed in at UT’s Hook ‘Em House at SXSW, including Peter Stone who has devoted his professional life to programming and developing robots.

A man on a panel gestures with his hands while his fellow panelists look on.


A Once-in-Many-Centuries Event

In honor of the impending total solar eclipse on April 8th, we present this special eclipse podcast.

solar eclipse

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Educators Named Recipients of President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Awards

Jonathan Partridge, an assistant professor  of instruction in the Biology Instruction Office, and Jennifer Austin, a mathematics associate professor of instruction, received awards.

Photo of UT Tower with flowers in foreground.

Wildflower Center

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Launches Live Owl Nest Cam

A much-loved great horned owl named ‘Athena’ is viewable at The University of Texas at Austin center and field station.

A great horned owl perches on a tree branch.

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Cancer Prevention, Screening and Research Programs Expanding With CPRIT Support

Yi Lu and Lauren Ehrlich of the College of Natural Sciences are among the cancer researchers with exciting projects on the horizon.

Five head shots of scientists include two men and three women


Why the Powerhouses of Cells Evolve Differently in Plants

New research solves a mystery as to why mitochondria in some plants evolve faster than others.

A pink flower with green stem against a tan background

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3 Questions for Peter Stone

The director of Texas Robotics and professor of computer science warms up for South by Southwest.

A man in a Texas Robotics t-shirt speaks at a mic, gesturing with his hands as robots and people interact in the background.


Vital Seagrasses in Gulf of Mexico Are Retreating Amid Rapid Sea Level Rise

At the Gulf Coast, rising sea levels are linked to a loss of valuable seagrass habitats in Texas, new research has found.

Two scientists stand in shin-deep coastal waters peering into a box at a sample


Climate Change and Habitat Loss Are Big Factors in Frog Pandemic

The worldwide decline in frog populations is due to a fast-spreading infection, but people also play a role.

A small frog perches on a large rock