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UT Provost’s Office

Natural Sciences Undergraduates Honored for Excellence with Mitchell Awards

Josíah Garza, Anirudh Sudarshan, Lars Deutz and Nirmal Patel are 2024 UT Co-op George H. Mitchell Award Recipients.

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Celebrating the 2024 College of Natural Sciences Dean’s Honored Graduates

Meet the graduating seniors being recognized for excellence in research, academics and improving the community.

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Faculty Members Elected to National Academy of Sciences

Neuroscientist Kristen Harris and molecular bioscientist Keiko Torii have received one of the highest honors a scientist can receive.

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Two UT Scientists Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Chemist Eric Anslyn and molecular bioscientist Howard Ochman are among the UT faculty joining the Academy.

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Biologist in National Academy of Sciences to Address 2024 Graduates

Nancy Moran, the acclaimed evolutionary biologist, will address College of Natural Sciences graduates on May 11.

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UT News

Hartzell in D.C. Seeks Congressional Support of Public AI Research and Workforce Initiatives

University of Texas at Austin AI experts and academic leaders visited the Capitol to highlight how public universities can drive artificial intelligence safety.

Three experts sit in chairs beneath a scree projection about about Army Futures Command and the Strauss Center, while a dean in a bowtie looks on from a nearby lectern.


11 Faculty Members Elected Fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Jaquelin Dudley, Kristen Grauman, Arlen Johnson, Daniel Leahy, Xiaoqin “Elaine” Li and Tanya Paull receive major honor from AAAS.

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McDonald Observatory

Astronomers Uncover Methane Emission on a Cold Brown Dwarf

The research team used the James Webb Space Telescope to make a surprising finding about a cold, distant world.

A planet-like object has many rings deep in space, with a pronounced ring at its top.


Is Cosmology in Crisis?

A panel of physicists and astronomers grapple with possible cracks in our modern creation myth, the standard model of cosmology.

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Better Sleep Can Reduce Worry and Rumination in Older Adults

People’s perceptions of their sleep also proves to have stronger associations with their worry and rumination than objective sleep quality monitored with a device.

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