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How to Extend the Shelf Life of Fruits and Vegetables with Science

Hong Qiao, a plant researcher, explains the science behind produce ripening, and how anyone can prolong shelf life.

The ethylene from bananas stored together can even cause each other to ripen faster.

McDonald Observatory

McDonald Observatory Invites Ecological Research as a Texas Field Station

The observatory joins a network of six University of Texas sites dedicated to scientific research, environmental monitoring and conservation efforts.

Two telescope domes sit atop a mountain with more peaks in the distance


Philanthropic Gift Establishes Historic UT Commitment to Monitoring Texas’ Natural Resources

A transformative donation allows for the expansion of a Texas Field Station Network to study biodiversity and sustainability.

A young man in a hat holding equipment leads a group of students down a creek at a Hill Country-based field station


College Announces Newest Inductees to Hall of Honor

The Hall of Honor recognizes Distinguished Alumni, Distinguished Service and Emerging Leader award winners.

Amir Husain, Christina Reed and Wayne Alexander


Five Lessons from UT Austin Science about Planning for Living with Heat

In our endless summer, research on heat impacts offers insights on how best to adapt.

CNS Scientists have been applying their research in ways that will help communities respond to heat.


With New Grant, Physicist Explores Using Sound to Transmit Data in Quantum Computers

UT Austin’s Keji Lai has received a Moore Foundation award reserved for the country’s top experimental physicists.

Portrait of a scientist

UT News

UT and U.S. Army Researchers Replicate Real-life Tech Lab for Summer Camp Students

A STEM enrichment camp at UT Austin recently connected middle school students with tech mentors.

Young students watch a demonstration


Astronomers Confirm Maisie’s Galaxy is Among Earliest Ever Observed

Detected with the James Webb Space Telescope, Maisie’s galaxy was observed 390 million years after the Big Bang.

An orange-red blob in the center of a black background


New “Essentials of AI” Course Launches This Fall

The Department of Computer Science and the Good Systems program present a one semester-credit-hour course titled “Essentials of AI for Life and Society.”

White letters spell AI with bands of color surrounding


Female Butterflies See UV Light Thanks to a Gene Hiding in an Unusual Place

In some species, female and male butterflies apparently perceive colors differently.

A butterfly with black and white striped wings