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Scientists Hijack Bacteria To Ease Drug Manufacturing

A new biosensor technique brings us one step closer to growing our drugs.

Artist rendering of bacteria in orange on dark brown background


From Knots to Fluids to Extra Dimensions, Experts Weigh in on Mathematical Challenges

Two knots are concordant if they can be connected with a type of four-dimensional cylinder. Image by Kristina Armitage/Quanta Magazine

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Virus Discovery Offers Clues About Origins of Complex Life

The first discovery of viruses infecting a group of microbes that may include the ancestors of all complex life has been found.

Illustration of the inside of a biological cell


Nielsen Named One of Five National Academies Early-Career Research Fellows

Nielsen will use her expertise to investigate how climate change is altering the potential for dietary contaminant exposure in remote Alaskan communities.

Kristin Nielsen in a lab pipettes while wearing lab gloves


How to Best Support LGTBQ Youth, According to Science

Simple steps adults can take to support the young people around them.

Abstract image with human figures. One holds an umbrella over another

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Holy Bat Memory! Frog-Eating Bats Remember Ringtones Years Later

Frog-eating bats trained to associate a phone ringtone with a tasty treat remembered what they learned for up to four years in the wild.

A bat rests on a cloth


Attackers Can Syphon Crypto Keys with Newly Discovered Attack

Hertzbleed takes advantage of a thermostat-like mechanism that processors use to run programs as quickly as possible without overheating

Computer chip sitting on a motherboard


Devleena Samanta Invents Ways to Detect Molecules in Living Cells

Learn more about Devleena Samanta's decision to join UT Austin's Department of Chemistry in fall 2021 and what her research focuses on.

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Jason McLellan Named Finalist for Blavatnik National Award for Young Scientists

Photo of Dr. McLellan in Sauer Lab at UT Austin

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Legacy of Colonialism Influences Science in the Caribbean

An international collaboration of researchers shows how the legacy of colonialism remains deeply entrenched within scientific practice across the Caribbean.

Map of the Caribbean