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A Dedicated Educator

Alumnus Jeff Cotten (B.A. Computer Science, ’99) has made several gifts that benefit students as he honors his mother’s life and teaching career.

5 students laugh and chat, gathering at a picnic table on the UT campus.

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New Texas Center Will Create Generative AI Computing Cluster Among Largest of Its Kind

UT's powerful artificial intelligence hub has one of the largest GPU computing clusters for AI at a university.

Two men with serious expressions stand in front of a wall of computing hardware, one with his arms crossed and one with his hands in pockets


Two Faculty Members Selected as 2023 ACM Fellows

Computer scientists Aditya Akella and Emmett Witchel have been named 2023 Fellows of the Association for Computing Machinery.

A man in glasses and a collared shirt and a man in a button up collared shirt are shown with a computing graphic in the background

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UT Designates 2024 ‘The Year of AI’

Building on decades-long leadership, UT will prioritize AI research and education throughout the year ahead and put this leadership on display through signature events, new...

A yellow robot with four legs parades down Speedway with rolling robots in its wake as students look on


Zuckerman Receives the NAS Michael and Sheila Held Prize

David Zuckerman is a professor of computer science whose research focuses primarily on pseudorandomness and the role of randomness in computing.

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What Happens to the UT Turtles When it Gets Cold Outside?

Travis LaDuc, who oversees UT Austin’s herpetology collection at the Biodiversity Center in the College of Natural Sciences, spoke to UT News.

Three turtles sit atop a rock in a pond reflecting the UT Tower and trees


Chemists’ New Process Offers Safer 3D Printing Option, Requiring Less Energy and Cost

The University of Texas at Austin researchers have developed a chemical process that could revolutionize light-driven 3D printing.

A red plastic 3D printed frog illuminated by UV light


Natural Labs: UT Field Stations Help Predict Drought Impact

UT scientists study how droughts affect local ecosystems at the Brackenridge Field Laboratory and the Stengl Lost Pines Biological Station.

A wooden frame with clear pastic cover sits in a field of grass and shrubs surrounded by trees


UT Austin Physicists Receive Keck Foundation Boost for Quantum Materials Research

Edoardo Baldini leads a team developing a new approach to stabilize useful quantum properties of atomically thin materials for far longer and at higher temperatures.

Headshots of two scientists are in the foreground, while an illustration of a quantum cavity is in the background


Tracking the Impacts of Climate Change on Food Webs in the Arctic

New research provides the latest evidence that climate change is having an impact on food webs in high-latitude ecosystems.

One scientist in protective clothing against insects leans over a metal circle in a grassy area, while another dressed similarly taking notes seated in the grass nearby