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Steven Weinberg’s Test of Quantum Mechanics Might Soon Be Realized

Experimental physicist Mark Raizen found himself intrigued by the unrealized potential of Nobel laureate Steven Weinberg's paper.

Glowing laser beams in red, yellow and green criss-cross an atomic clock


These Tiny Coral Reef Fish Parents Decide When Their Embryos Hatch

Leaving the comfort and safety of home to explore the world is a difficult decision. However, in a tiny coral reef fish called a neon...

A pair of fish larvae newly hatched from eggs


Baiz Earns Prestigious Research Fellowship

Carlos Baiz, associate professor of chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin, has been awarded the prestigious Humboldt Fellowship for Experienced Researchers from the...

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Need a Place to Study this Academic Year? We’ve Got You Covered.

Tired of studying at the same places on campus?

A stuffed Bevo sits on a study table


After Fire Damages Stengl Lost Pines, Scientists Say Discovery Will Rise from the Ashes

More than two-thirds of the Stengl Lost Pines Biological Station (SLP), which was home to forests, savannah, and wildlife inhabitants, burned in a fire.

Firefighter at wheel of vehicle consults with colleagues outdoors


Computer Science Professor Looks to Improve Accessible Technologies

Learn more about Amy Pavel's contributions to computer science and her decision to join UT Austin.

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Adding Predictability to the Carbon Market

Salt marshes are a hot but unpredictable commodity in the carbon market.

A salt marsh seen from an aerial view on a clear day with a boat in the foreground

Department of Molecular Biosciences

New Era at UT Austin Begins for Famous Long-Term Evolution Experiment

The Long-Term Evolution Experiment, one of the most famous in all of science, is now running on the University of Texas at Austin campus.

A scientist in white lab coat holds up a petri dish for observation

Oden Institute News

Rachel Ward Receives NSF TRIPODS Phase 2 Award for Data Science Research

Professor Rachel Ward has been awarded a National Science Foundation (NSF) Transdisciplinary Research in Principles of Data Science, or TRIPODS, Phase II.

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The University of Texas at Austin Selects Director for Marine Science Institute

Ed Buskey, formerly the interim director of the UT Austin Marine Science Institute, has been selected to serve as director.

Director Buskey outside near jetty and pier in coastal setting