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New Department Chair Aims to Improve Youth Mental Health Through Research

Gabriela Livas Stein hopes to build on research strengths in UT Austin’s Department of Human Development and Family Sciences.

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Two UT Austin Students Selected for Goldwater Scholarships

Both Kevin Wen and Maanas Gupta received mentoring and support from College of Natural Sciences faculty.

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James Webb Space Telescope Images Challenge Theories of How Universe Evolved

Hefty young galaxies defy the reigning model of cosmology, called "dark energy + cold dark matter" or ΛCDM.

Six candidate galaxies

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Amazon Teams Up With UT To Establish New Science Hub

This is the sixth Amazon Science Hub to date. Its focus includes visual technology, robotics and algorithms.

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Jason McLellan Receives Inaugural Award To Recognize Research Impact

A structural biologist at UT Austin who played a key role in the development of COVID-19 vaccines has received the first Research Impact Award.

Jason McLellan stands with hands in pockets in front of Norman Hackerman Building's glass walls as other campus buildings and foliage appear in the reflection behind him


James Webb’s First Stunning Image of Cassiopeia A, Fragments of a Hellish Explosion

A new image of a supernova remnant reveals wonders, beauty, secrets of star structure and building blocks of life.

Wisps of colorful gas and dust in a telescope image showing the remains of a supernova explosion


A New Way of Looking at the Differences Between the Sexes

Researchers set out to explain the variation in how the same genes are expressed in men and women.

Illustration of a DNA helix in different colors


NSF Awards Graduate Research Fellowships to 23 UT Natural Sciences Students

Dozens of graduate and undergraduate students of UT Austin's College of Natural Sciences were honored this year by the National Science Foundation.

Graduate students sit and stand in rows in a library setting

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In a Rare Occurrence, UT Austin Professors Each Snag the ‘Nobel Prizes’ of Their Fields in the Same Year

Two UT Austin faculty members Luis A. Caffarelli and Bob Metcalfe snagged the Nobel Prize equivalents of in mathematics and computing on the same day.

Luis A. CAffarelli stands in a collared shirt outside. Bob Metcalfe holds up the hook 'em hand sign indoors.


CREATE Program Brings Research Opportunities to Community College Students

Chemists Sean Roberts and Shawn Amorde collaborate to help prepare students for later scientific careers.

Shawn Amorde sets up a separations column which is used to purify chemicals after a reaction. Photo credit: Jackie Stamatedes