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Some Frogs Use Toxins to Deter Predators, but Evolution Doesn’t Supply Free Lunch

Poison frogs are able to withstand a toxin which they use to deter predators, but not without a cost.

Anthony’s poison frog (Epipedobates anthonyi). CREDIT: David Cannatella


Genes That Shape Bones Identified, Offering Clues About Our Past and Future

An application of AI to medical imaging datasets has revealed genetics of the skeletal form for the first time.

Image of human skeleton imposed over DNA double helix


Relationships Between Temperature and Animals’ Sizes Has Been Clarified

The new research offers important insights about how animals, particularly birds, may adapt to the rapid rise in temperatures driven by global climate change

Imaging showing bird species and where they fall on the temperature gradient


Starbird, Martines and Dillig Selected for Texas 10 Recognition

Three faculty members in the College of Natural Sciences were chosen for an honor given by The Alcalde.

Theresa Martines, Işıl Dillig and Michael Starbird


Chemical Cartography Reveals the Milky Way’s Spiral Arms

The method overcomes the challenges of dust that block the view of some of the Milky Way's stars.

A spiral galaxy floats in the black background of space with red and blue dots sprinkled over one section


James Webb Telescope Catches Glimpse of Possible First-Ever ‘Dark Stars’

Stars powered with dark matter still need proving but could reveal clues about the nature of one of the universe’s great mysteries.

Three blurry red dots stand out in the blackness of space


Plant Biologist Awarded Stephen Hales Prize

Keiko Torii received the prize in recognition of her outstanding contributions in the field.

Profile Image of Keiko Torii


UT Austin Ranks among Top U.S. Universities in Nature Index

Among U.S. universities, UT ranks 17th in natural sciences, 8th in physical sciences and 7th in chemistry.

UT is spelled in flowers south of the main mall with the UT Tower in the distance


Texas Memorial Museum is Now Texas Science and Natural History Museum

The museum will reopen in September 2023 with offerings for all ages.

Photo of a limestone art deco building with three tall arched windows. Texas Memorial Museum. Texas Science and Natural History Museum.


Innovative Program Gives Students with Disabilities University Experience

An idea that started with a neuroscientist’s personal experience morphed into a lifelong continuing education program for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

A student from the program partaking in hands on activities.