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Rise of the LLMs

Greg Durrett tackles your burning questions about large language models.

A robot made of words sits on a chair and reads a book with a pile of more books at its feet


What Will Extreme Weather Events Mean for Texas’s Favorite Bugs?

The answer matters for people, too, given how insects affect whole ecosystems.

A photo of a monarch butterfly on a yellow flower

McDonald Observatory

Giant Magellan Telescope Enclosure Ready for Construction

When completed in the early 2030s, the 213-foot-tall enclosure will be one of the largest mechanized buildings ever constructed.

A telescope dome under a starry sky at night with an open door and telescope visible inside


Targeted Grazing May Help Beat Invasive Buffelgrass

Researchers head to Kenya to unlock the weaknesses of invasive buffelgrass to combat it here in Texas.

Image of buffelgrass and cattle


What is AI, Anyway?

What do we even mean when we say “artificial intelligence”? And how do we make sure it’s safe and useful? Here, with all the answers...

A robotic hand pours coffee into a mug being held by a human hand


Neuroscience Professor Wins Prize for Promoting Scientific Rigor

Michela Marinelli received a Rigor Champions Prize for fostering scientific transparency through her course Analytical Skepticism.

A woman with colorful highlights in her hair smiles from a circle graphic that is adjacent to waves of color with UT branding.


“AI for the Rest of Us” Brings Expert Conversations on Artificial Intelligence to UT Community

All summer, University experts will offer up key lessons about AI.

Two people look at a wall emblazoned with the words "AI for the rest of us"


Texas Field Station Network Catalyzes Collaborations Across Field Sites

The recently announced largest-ever gift to the college is helping to bring new research synergies.

Natural landscape with orange brown grasses in the foreground, trees in the middle distance and a mountai top with telescope domes in the distance


Bridging Chemistry and Physics on the Path to New Materials

Five questions with Center for Electrochemistry director Michael Rose.

Michael Rose sits between two lab benches on a rolling stool holding a model of a molecule


Improved Method for Estimating the Hubble Constant with Gravitational Waves

There’s a big debate in cosmology about how fast the universe is currently expanding.

Artist illustration of two blue-white objects colliding in space with jets of what material spraying outward