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Shining a Light on How Bilingual Children Learn

UT assistant professor Maria Arredondo conducts an experiment to identify whether or not bilingual children are more efficient learners.

A child wearing a black cap touches a touchscreen computer


Meeting Challenges, Celebrating 25 Years: UTeach Tackles State's Teacher Shortage

The UTeach program at 25 is helping Texas address a historic shortage of teachers in STEM by certifying professionals to teach.

A young woman in a class practices an experiment with a balloon and looks afraid it will pop while peers look on


New UTeach Access Program Creates Pathway to Grow STEM Teacher Workforce

The University of Texas at Austin's UTeach program, based in the College of Natural Sciences, and Austin Community College have joined forces to launch UTeach...

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Seven Natural Sciences Faculty Receive NSF CAREER Awards

Learn about faculty members from UT Austin's College of Natural Sciences who have been awarded CAREER Awards from the National Science Foundation.

Headshots of 7 faculty members


7 Insights About Aging from College of Natural Sciences Researchers

In honor of International Day of Older Persons, learn about insights from UT Austin researchers related to aging and older individuals.



Visualizing Science 2022: Illuminating the Intrinsic Beauty in Academic Research

The winners of our most recent Visualizing Science contest include an image related to “smart” material research, simulations of a meeting between a neutron star...

A scientific illustration in micron pen and watercolor of a Molly miller blenny (Scartella cristata) surrounded by Dictyota sp. and Caulerpa racemosa algae.


Maggie Miller Receives Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize

UT Austin alumna Maggie Miller, whose research focuses on geometric topology in three to five dimensions, was awarded a prize recognizing women in mathematics.

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New Research Advances Fight Against Human Metapneumovirus

New findings could lead to a vaccine for one more respiratory virus.

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UT News

Cognitive Impairment in Hispanic Adults Linked to Discrimination Experiences

Experiences with discrimination may be linked with disproportionate rates of cognitive decline in marginalized populations.

A Hispanic woman, left, is hugged by a man in a blue shirt on the right

Department of Molecular Biosciences

Potential New Drug Target Could Boost Effectiveness of Chemotherapy Drugs

A large family of reverse transcriptases (RTs) could inspire new drugs to improve cancer treatments

Illustration of a protein that looks like a tangle of curled ribbons in white, grey and green