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Corals Are Already Adapting to Global Warming, Scientists Say

Some coral populations already have genetic variants necessary to tolerate warm ocean waters, and humans can help to spread these genes, a team of scientists...

A view of a coral reef underwater


2015 Summer Blockbusters: Meet Our Science Truth Detector

With summer movie season in full swing, cinema-goers are leaving theaters with one big question in mind: “Wait, could that really happen?”

Cartoon characters representing different feelings stand around a control console


Florida Lizards Evolve Rapidly, Within 15 Years and 20 Generations

Competition between brown and green anoles for the same food and space may be driving adaptations of the green anoles

A green lizard and a brown lizard


Crazy Ants Dominate Fire Ants by Neutralizing Their Venom

It’s the first known example of an insect with the ability to detoxify another insect’s venom.

One large ant with its hindquarters raised in the direction of smaller ants

UT News

Texas Invasive Species Program Established at Brackenridge Field Lab

To combat and manage pesky invasive species such as fire ants, tawny crazy ants and Cactoblastis moths, the Texas Invasive Species Program has been established...

Tawny crazy ant