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Visualizing Science 2018: Beauty and Inspiration in College Research

Winners of the 2018 Visualizing Science contest include images of nanomaterials, the connection between chaos and electronics and a glimpse into the aural lives of...

A pseudocolored transmission electron micrograph of nanodroplets filled with paramagnetic metals and perfluorocarbon materials.

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Common Weed Killer Linked to Bee Deaths

The world’s most widely used weed killer, Roundup, causes honey bees to lose some of their beneficial bacteria and are more susceptible to infection and...

Honey bee.


5 Things Scientists Say to Try in Your Yard This Spring

Closeup of coral honeysuckle blooms

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New Falcon Cam Offers Live Viewing of UT Tower’s Resident Raptor

Large gray and brown falcon perched on the edge of a building looks into the camera

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Study of Secret Sex Lives of Trees Finds Tiny Bees Play Big Part

When it comes to sex between plants, tiny bees the size of ladybugs play a critical role in promoting the genetic diversity that protects against...

A stingless bee approaches a cluster of floewrs


Scientists on the Trail of Central Texas’ Elusive Satan Fish

The fish are part of a project to monitor the overall ecological health of Central Texas aquifers and better understand how water flows through them.

X-ray image of a fish from above and from the side


Oil Impairs Ability of Coral Reef Fish to Find Homes and Evade Predators

Just like a person after one too many cocktails, a few drops of oil can cause coral reef fish to make poor decisions.

Damselfish, Chromis species.


Can Sound Save a Fish?

Gulf Corvina look pretty ordinary—they're a couple of feet long and silvery. Yet the sounds they make—when millions get together to spawn—are a kind of...

Illustration of people in a boat with a microphone dangling in the water and a group of fish emitting waves of sound


Mathew Leibold Named Fellow of Ecological Society of America

Mathew Leibold, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at UT Austin, was elected a fellow by the Ecological Society of America (ESA).

Matthew Leibold at a table in front of a bookshelf