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Oil Impairs Ability of Coral Reef Fish to Find Homes and Evade Predators

Just like a person after one too many cocktails, a few drops of oil can cause coral reef fish to make poor decisions.

Damselfish, Chromis species.


Can Sound Save a Fish?

Gulf Corvina look pretty ordinary—they're a couple of feet long and silvery. Yet the sounds they make—when millions get together to spawn—are a kind of...

Illustration of people in a boat with a microphone dangling in the water and a group of fish emitting waves of sound


Mathew Leibold Named Fellow of Ecological Society of America

Mathew Leibold, a professor in the Department of Integrative Biology at UT Austin, was elected a fellow by the Ecological Society of America (ESA).

Matthew Leibold at a table in front of a bookshelf


What’s the Buzz: Reflecting on a Life's Work Inspired by Pollinators

Shalene Jha has been interested in pollinators her entire life. Now, as an assistant professor, she studies the interactions of native bees and plant communities for...

Portrait of a woman in blue dress in front of a yellow background

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Rare, Blind Catfish Never Before Found in U.S. Discovered in Texas

An extremely rare eyeless catfish species previously known to exist only in Mexico has been discovered in a National Recreation Area in Texas.

A pair of eyeless catfish

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Genetic Potential of Oil-Eating Bacteria from the BP Oil Spill Decoded

Microbiologists led by Brett Baker have discovered potential in bacteria that helped to clean up the BP oil spill.

An Oil Slick stretches across a span of ocean


Scientists Unveil the Most Comprehensive Genomic Tree of Life

Genetic data reveal a group of bacteria that are so diverse genetically that they represent half of all the diversity of bacteria on the planet

Archaea and eukaryotes.


Graduate Students Ensure Science Under the Stars Shines Bright

The free, monthly public lecture series was founded and is run completely by students in the Plant Biology and Ecology, Evolution and Behavior (EEB) graduate...

A mother and child attend Science Under the Stars.


Saving the Bees, Two Perspectives

How do you move 100,000 honeybees—a living laboratory for research on the gut microbiome—half way across the country?

A busy hive of honeybees


Engineering Bacterial Communities Improves Plant Growth

University of Texas at Austin scientists say there's a simple way for home gardeners and small farmers to give plants a pesticide-free boost: by harnessing...

A row of 8 plants growing and flourishing at levels to varying degrees appear in front of a wall in an academic setting