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New Study on Climate Change Impacts on Plants Could Lead to Better Conservation Strategies

The loss of plant species that are especially vulnerable to climate change might lead to bigger problems than previous studies have suggested

A meadow with yellow wildflowers


Integrative Biology Professor Wins Early Career Award for Contributions to Ecology

Caroline Farrior has been awarded for her research on forest ecosystem dynamics through mathematical modeling.

Portrait of a woman in front of a stream


Spring Insects to Spot on Neighborhood Walks

With much of the world practicing social distancing, walks and other opportunities to get outdoors are the highlight of many people's days right now.

A green sweat bee covered in yellow pollen sits on a purple flower

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Long-Living Tropical Trees Play Outsized Role in Carbon Storage

A group of trees that grow fast, live long lives and reproduce slowly account for the bulk of the biomass.

Irene del Carmen Torres Dominguez measures the diameter of a tree on Barro Colorado Island in Panama.

Department of Molecular Biosciences

Bacteria Engineered to Protect Bees from Pests and Pathogens

Genetically engineered strains of bacteria protect bees from mites and viruses that can lead to colony collapse.

A Varroa mite, a common pest that can weaken bees and make them more susceptible to pathogens, feeds on a honey bee.


The Next 50 Years: A Global Census of Life

Biologist David Hillis aims to discover the 80 percent of species on Earth that scientists know nothing about in the next few decades.

A montage of beetles, leaves, butterflies and DNA


Scientists Identify Genes that Help Protect Plant Genomes

The discovery holds important implications for our understanding of age-related disorders and cancers in humans.

Illustration of a green, x-shaped chromosome with pink tips


Melissa Kemp Combines Art and Science in Study of Lizards

Melissa Kemp, an assistant professor in the Department of Integrative Biology, studies how extinction, biological diversification and colonization are shaped by environmental upheavals.

Profile pic of Melissa Kemp


Visualizing Science 2019: Revealing Hidden Splendor in Research

A network of gut bacteria of tadpoles from nine ponds in East Texas. Each color is a pond, and each dot is a different species of bacteria.

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Gift to UT Austin Will Advance Programs in Biodiversity and Ecology

A generous estate gift to The University of Texas at Austin from alumna and former physician Lorraine “Casey” Stengl will have a dramatic impact on...

Casey Stengl holds a framed montage of plants and outdoor areas