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Living Laboratories: Field Stations Offer Opportunities for Real-World Science

A network of field stations helps scientists understand invasive species, climate change impacts and search for potential green fuels.

A bearded man in a blue shirt stands in a field of tall grass


A More Nuanced Approach is Needed to Manage Coral Reef Ecosystems

Instead of focusing entirely on biomass and one-size-fits-all solutions, researchers recommend finding which fish provide the most useful functions in each reef system and protecting...

A school of colorful fish swim over a coral reef

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Invading Hordes of Crazy Ants May Have Finally Met Their Kryptonite

UT Austin scientists have demonstrated how to use a naturally occurring fungus to crush local populations of invasive tawny crazy ants.

Ants swarm on a larger, dead insect

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UT Austin Hires Director for Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

Lee Clippard has been selected to serve as executive director of the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, the official botanic garden and arboretum of Texas.

Lee Clippard in a collared sheet stands in an aboretum


Some Trees May Play an Outsized Role in the Fight on Global Warming

A new study shows that nitrogen-fixing trees could help forests remove more heat-trapping COS from the atmosphere than previously thought.

Sunlight peeks through the trees


Frog Pandemic

Frogs are also struggling through their own pandemic that has several eerie parallels with COVID-19.

A green frog rests on a tree branch


Switchgrass Genes Offer Advantages as Climate Change Tool

This native grass can capture atmospheric carbon in its substantial root system.

Large bundles of swtichgrass in a field.


Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center Receives Field Station Designation

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has been integral for UT Austin's involvement in life sciences research.

A building with a cafe and plants and visitors at the Wildflower Center


Like Their Domestic Cousins, Native Bees are Hurt by Pesticides

Numerous studies have found negative impacts of agrochemicals, such as neonicotinoids, on both honey bees and native bees, and researchers like Felicity Muth and her...

A purple bee


Technological Leaps Help Biologists Study Quickly Changing Landscapes

Technology allows scientists to gather data where they never could before.

Five people stand in a field in outdoor gear