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“How has being part of Polymathic Scholars benefited you?” That's the question we asked these students. Each of them is eager to encourage students like you to discover whether Polymathic seems like a community you'd like to join. Hear them out, then email them questions about Polymathic, the University of Texas, and anything else you're curious about.


ARHIAN ALBIS | Biochemistry | arhianalbis7@gmail.com
Polymath field: Music and Culture of the Hispanic Caribbean

JULIAN FALCO | Neuroscience | julianfalco12@gmail.com
Polymath field: Culture and Policy of Healthcare for the Homeless

ESTHER KIM | Biology | kim.esther@utexas.edu
Polymath field: Mental Health of Global Medical Professionals

NATALIE LIM | Neuroscience & Plan II | natalie.lim@utexas.edu
Polymath field: Livable Cities: Building Social Capital

LANDRY LUKER | Biochemistry | landry.luker@utexas.edu
Polymath field: The History of Modern Disease Prevention in Western Society

CHRISTINE NGUYEN | Nutrition | christinenguyen@utexas.edu
Polymath field: Beauty, Privilege, and Health

LOIS OWOLABI | Biochemistry | Lois.owolabi@utexas.edu
Polymath field: Digital Media in STEM Education

JOYCE TIONG | Biology | jtiong@utexas.edu
Polymath field: Affordable Housing and Homelessness in Urban America

PHILLIP TABOADA | Neuroscience | philliptaboada@gmail.com
Polymath field: Designing for the Spectrum