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The best options for advertising a department’s campus events will vary depending on the target audience.

University Community

Here are some suggestions for reaching members of the UT community on campus:

  • Events Calendars

Events targeted towards members of the UT community are best reached through the Texas Today events calendar. You can submit event information here (requires signing in with your UT EID).

The College of Natural Sciences and many department websites also maintain events calendars that web editors are able to post to. Contact the college events page administrator, enter a Help request, or contact your department/office web master for more information.

  • Digital Signs

There are flat screen TVs throughout buildings in the College of Natural Sciences that are useful for promoting events. Visit this page for information on how to submit items to be displayed on these TVs.

The University Unions also has digital screens, which are located in the Texas Union, the Student Activity Center, the Wendy's in Jester and Prufrock's in Perry-Castenada Library. Departments and registered student organizations can apply here to have their event displayed on these screens.

  • HornsLink

HornsLink is the platform for student organizations and events at UT Austin, and all students, faculty and staff can log in with their EID and advertise events to students.

  • Texas Student Media

Texas Student Media oversees The Daily Texan and other outlets with a wide reach. To get out the word about events via a Daily Texan advertisement or proposed news story, or through another Texas Student Media outlet, call or email the Daily Texan or Texas Student Media.

A digital-only platform from Texas Student Media, BurntX, is an increasingly good way to connect with University of Texas at Austin students on Facebook, SnapChat, and Twitter. Campus departments can post information and press releases for upcoming speakers, special events and related communication for student audiences at this link.

  • Emailing the UT Community

Members of the campus community must seek permission to email students, staff and faculty of the College or the University informational or promotional messages. Email lists for these groups are maintained at different levels through specific college offices. 

If you wish for information about an event or opportunity to go only to CNS undergraduate students, a weekly email is sent during each long semester. Submit details about your event in advance by submitting this form or by sending a blurb to cnsundergraded@austin.utexas.edu. Submit by Thursdays at noon to be included in the following week’s newsletter sent out every Monday. You can also send questions to: cnsundergraded@austin.utexas.edu.

If you wish for information to go to staff, faculty, graduate students, or postdocs of the College, please email the request at least one week in advance to cnsnews@austin.utexas.edu.


Campus and Beyond

If you want to reach out on and beyond campus, here are some more University-based resources:

  • CNS Affiliated Events

You might consider promoting your event at another, related event on campus or in the Austin community. You might be able to distribute flyers, submit a PowerPoint slide or make a verbal announcement at one of the many events organized by the college, a department, center or student group such as: Astronomy on Tap, Science Under the Stars or Star Parties. For more ideas, see our Outreach page.

  • KUT calendar

A public radio station operated by UT, KUT maintains a public calendar to which anyone can submit events with at least two weeks' notice.

  • They Blinded Me with Science

An educational radio program on KVRX, the student radio station for UT. The show features guest researchers and discussion of current science in publications. They may choose to mention your event and/or interview the researchers if you email them in a timely manner.

  • Texas Exes

Some groups have had luck submitting events by email to the Texas Exes, the official alumni association for UT Austin.

Austin Community

Here are some suggestions for reaching the entire Austin community:

  • Austin 360 events calendar

A free events calendar maintained by the Austin American-Statesman that requires registration to submit events. Visit their website and click on “Promote Your Event.”

  • Austin Chronicle

Items submitted to the Austin Chronicle at least three weeks before the event may appear in their weekly print edition.

  • Austin Monthly

A free calendar that requires registration to submit an event.

  • CultureMap Austin

Submit events here for this free calendar.

  • Do512

Submit an event online, which requires registration, or by email.

  • Free Fun in Austin

Submit events at least one week in advance to this site for family-friendly events.