Registration Information

It is important to use scheduled registration times to get priority classes. When that fails, each semester at the start, there are limited opportunities to add a class.

Mark your calendar

April 3 - 14, 2023 will be registration for Summer 2023 and Fall 2023 for continuing and readmitted students.

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Spring 2023 Registration Information

During the first through fourth class days attempt to add classes or get on the waitlists via the online registration system. On the 5th class day, the waitlists will no longer be active and the late-add process will begin. When contacting departments you must include your UT EID, name, course and unique numbers.

Please keep in mind that the late-add process does not guarantee a seat in the course; it is another opportunity for students to potentially be added if a seat becomes available.

To add courses that are not offered in the CNS departments below, search for the department website offering the course and follow their instructions. 

1st class day 01/09/2023
4th class day 01/12/2023
12th class day 01/25/2023

First-Year Advising

Center for First-Year Advising will assist students by email as well as Zoom and in-person appointments. Please email your academic advisor if you have questions about fall class enrollment.

See the following link if you do not know who you advisor is

Please keep in mind that CFYA advisors cannot enroll you in classes. We can only advise which classes are required for your degree. 

CFYA advisors will assist students with long-term planning (spring 2023 classes, 4 year plans, and minors/certificates) after the 12th class day.

Graduate Course

An undergraduate may enroll in a graduate course under the following conditions:

  • Must be an upper-division student and must fulfill the prerequisites for the course (except graduate standing).
  • Must have a University grade point average of at least 3.00
  • Must receive the consent of the instructor of the course and the graduate advisor for the department in which the course is offered. Individual decisions may impose individual requirements or bar undergraduates from enrolling in graduate courses.
  • An undergraduate student may not enroll in a graduate course that has fewer than five graduate students enrolled.
  • A graduate course taken by an undergraduate is counted toward the student's bachelor's degree in the same way that upper-division courses are counted, unless the course is reserved for graduate credit. Courses reserved for graduate credit may not also be used to fulfill the requirements of an undergraduate degree.
  • An undergraduate student enrolled in a graduate course is subject to all University regulations affecting undergraduates.
  • Return this completed form to your dean’s office by the 12th class day in a long-session semester or the 4th class day in the summer session.


  • Get approval from the instructor offering the course.
  • Get approval from the graduate advisor for the course.
  • Email both approvals, your EID, Course name, and course unique to:
  • If the above conditions are met you will get an email confirmation.
  • You are then responsible for enrolling in the course during your normal registration period. You are not automatically enrolled in the course until you add it to your schedule.

Time Conflict

  • Download time conflict form here: Time Conflict Form
  • You can fill out the form virtually or print it, fill it out, and then scan it.
  • Fill out the form and send it to the department for required signatures.
  • Email form to registrar:


Search by Subject Area

Biology (BIO, BCH, NEU)
  • BIO/BCH/NEU courses only.
  • This is NOT a guarantee of enrollment, and the student will ONLY be added to the unique number if an opening is available. Priority will be given to graduating seniors.
  • Requests are processed on a first-come-first-served basis


  • 1st – 4th class days:
    • Add and drop courses online that are indicated as “open” or “open; reserved” in the current course schedule.
  • 5th & 6th class days:
    • Students with an assigned Biosciences advisor must email their advisor with a request to add a BIO/BCH/NEU course.
    • Students without an assigned Biosciences advisor must email with a request to add a BIO/BCH/NEU course.
    • Deadline for late add requests ends on the 6th class day at 5pm
  • 7th - 12th class days:
    • Requests for late adds must be approved by professor of the course prior to requesting to be added.
    • Students can drop courses online without a Q-drop.


Subject: Late Add Request

Body of Email:

  • Full Name
  • UT EID
  • Course Name
  • Course Unique Number
  • Expected Graduation Semester
  • Requested course cannot be added if there is a time conflict with another course.
  • Requested course cannot be added if it put student over the maximum hours.
  • Students must meet required prerequisite(s) for requested course
  • Students may indicate a course be dropped contingent upon the late add.
  • Students wishing to take over 17 hours must have approval processed prior to completing form.

Priority will be given as follows:

  • BIO/BCH/NEU students requiring the course for graduation in the current semester
  • BIO/BCH/NEU students requiring the course for graduation in the next semester
  • Any CNS student graduating the current semester or the next semester
  • Non-degree seeking students
  • Students enrolled in the course requesting to switch sections
  • Note: Dropping a course to be considered for the late add process may result in the disqualification from late add process.

Students may add Chemistry courses for which they meet prereqs on the 1st through 4th class day, assuming seat availability.  Waitlists are active through 5 PM the 4th class day (not every Chemistry course may use the waitlist system).

 Beginning the 5th class day through the 12th class day, a student who wishes to add a General or Organic Chemistry course should contact Chemistry Student Services. 

Not all courses will be available for a possible late add after the 4th class day (1/12/2023)

Chemistry Student Services is located in WEL 2.302; office hours are 8 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday.  The office is available at 512-471-1567 or via email at

 A student wishing to late add an upper-division Chemistry course (other than CH 320M/328M, CH 320N/328N, CH 220C or CH 128K/CH 128L) must contact Carolyn Lum, Senior Academic Advisor, at  Late adds after the 4th class day may not be allowed in certain courses.

Computer Science

On the 5th class day, the waitlists will no longer be active and the late add process will begin. For the Fall 2022 semester, the late add process will be conducted online via Qualtrics survey. Students can fill out the survey below to try and late add into a course. This survey will be available 8:00AM CST on the 5th class day. Students will need to fill one survey per course that they are trying to late add. C S majors and non-C S majors/Elements students. If students are wanting to try and late add multiple courses or different sections, they will need to fill out a new survey for every request. 

Students may not access the survey before the 5th class day

The survey will automatically time stamp each submission. We will continue to operate on a first come, first-serve basis if space becomes available in courses. If a seat opens in a course, we will attempt to add the first submission in the survey. We will continue the process until the course fills again or up until the 8th class day. Please note that it is up to the discretion of the professor to decide the last day that late add forms will be processed for their course, or if they will be processed at all. 

You will be contacted via email if you were able to be added to a course. We will not give information about your position in the queue for courses, so do not ask.

Please keep in mind that the late add process does not guarantee a seat in the course; it is another opportunity for students to potentially be added if a seat becomes available.

Human Ecology (PBH, NTR, HDF, TXA)

Late Add Procedures Starting the first day of classes

Contact email:

Public Health (PBH):
  • PBH 317 Intro to Public Health (open to all students): Student can add open course through the 5thclass day unless extenuating circumstances. Professor permission is required to add on the 5thclass day.  Email briana.denham@austin.utexas.eduincluding name, EID, unique #, and professor’s permission forwarded in the email.
  • Upper division PBH: Restricted to Public Health majors only. Can potentially add up to the 8th class day with professor permission. Email to ask about possibility of late adding first.
  • PBH 354, 356, 358D, 334, and 338: Restricted to Public Health majors only unless prior instructor permission is given.
  • PBH 337-Emerging/Re-emerging Infectious Diseases:
    • Open to PBH majors who have successfully completed PBH 354
    • Open to BIO and MLS majors previously enrolled in BIO 361.
    • Open to other BIO and CNS Honors majors with Upper Division standing or consent of instructor.
    • Open to majors outside of CNS with a minimum of Upper Division Standing or consent of instructor
    • PBH 337- Maternal and Child Health:  Open to all majors. Upper Division standing is required.
Nutrition (NTR)
  • NTR 306 Fundamentals of Nutrition: Contact
    • Hockett Cooper & Leidy’s WB unique can be added through the 6th class day before 5pm (Tues, Jan 17th).
    • Procedure: Email with EID and section #. Once the advising office adds you, we will reply to confirm and you will be asked to email the professors to let them know you added the class. Must make request before 5pm on the 6th class day (Jan 17th).
    • In-person NTR 306 unique: adds will require professor permission via email after the 4th class day and will only be allowed if space is available. Email first to inquire if there is space available, include EID and unique #.
    • It is discouraged to late add after the 8th class day. Student are expected to make up missed work and quizzes in timely manner.
  • Other NTR classes: Best contact is
    • If seats are available professor permission is required. Must meet all required prereqs. Adds after the 8th class day are discouraged.
    • Forward professor permission email to Jill.
Human Development & Family Sciences (HDF)


  • 5th class day through 8th class day before 5pm: will add a student if they get permission from the professor by email. Students should forward the permission email, EID, and unique #s to
  • 8th class day through 12th class day before 5pm: Students will only be added to classes in extenuating circumstances and will still need professor permission. If they absolutely need a class to graduate, we will try to be accommodating. Students can email directly to talk about their situation. Please do not email us if you have another course option and this is just a preferred course.
Textiles & Apparel (TXA)


Will add with permission from professor if seats are available; student can forward professor permission email to Angela.

Students need to include their EID, course #, and unique #.

Request to enroll in 18+ Hours:

Use this survey only if your assigned academic advisor is: Angela Patterson, Jill Lawler, Kathleen Krysher or Briana Denham

  • If your request is not approved, your advisor will let you know.

The MPA Advising Website provides more information.

  • Students who want to get into a math course should get on one or two waitlists. 
    • Waitlists are active through the 4th class day
  • If you are graduating this semester and must have a specific math course, you can contact your Academic Advisor. We will work with you and your advisor to get the classes you need to graduate.
  • On the 5th and 6th class days, if you would like to late add a course please complete the following:
    • Send an email to mpaadv@austin.utexas.eduto set up a Zoom meeting with an Academic Advisor. The Advisor will check 3 things:
      • Is a seat available?
      • Do you have the required prerequisite?
      • Have you registered in the course 2 or more times and, if so, has the Academic Advisor approved a repeat appeal?
  • If these things check out, the Advisor will add you to the course.
    • You should then check in with their professor to discuss what you have missed, what is expected of you, and how you can catch up.
  • From the 7th to the 12th class day you can only be added to courses for which professors allow adds at that point.
    • Some professors may require that they give their consent before they can be added.
      • If the professor gives consent the process will be the same as listed above for the 5th – 6th class days.
      • If appropriate, the student will be asked to email the professor for consent. Once we receive an email forwarded from the student or sent by the professor, we will check to make sure the seat is still available. If it is, the student will be added.
    • Fall 21 Instructor Late Add Policy by Course TBD (Check website noted above)
      • No Lates = no late adds permitted
      • Late W/PERM = Will allow late adds with permission
      • Late W/O PERM = Will allow late adds without permission
Physics & Astronomy

Late-Add Procedures for Physics and Physical Sciences Classes

  • Late adds for Physics and Physical Science classes during the 5th – 12th class days will be done by Zoom appointments, walk-in hours at PMA 7.328, and email. Send inquiries and requests for Zoom appointments to
  • The last day to add a particular Physics or Physical Science course will vary from course to course as determined by the professor teaching that course.

Late-Add Procedures for Astronomy Classes

    • Late Add procedures for Astronomy classes during the 5th -12th class days are as follows:
      • The student contacts the instructor of the course for permission
      • The student forwards that permission to
      • The student will be added as long as there is room in the course

    Please note:  Late adds will not be allowed for AST 376R.