Petitions and Student Records

Our team is here to help students, as well as faculty and staff, with records-related matters.

College-Related Petitions

Seeking to take a transfer course in the upcoming summer or count a course you already took toward a degree requirement are examples of requests called petitions. All petitions for degree requirements (except the are handled through the college's online petition system.

Tips for Petitions

  • Start with your academic advisor to discuss options
  • Seek permission before enrolling in a course at UT or another university
  • Understand that petitions are approved for sound academic reasons only

Please contact CNS Student Records (512) 232-9283 if you have any questions.

Petitions regarding core curriculum are handled by the TEXAS Undergraduate Studies (UGS). You can obtain more information about the petition process here.

Additional Student Records

The College team also assist with:

  • NCAA Progress Toward Degree forms
  • Veteran Certification Letters in support of the Registrar's Office

Email requests to