Welcome to the home page for the office of Associate Dean David Vanden Bout. Dr. Vanden Bout provides support for the college’s mission to be a premier science education center. He oversees offices within the dean’s office that support student excellence, advising, and degrees, and he works with the departments in their teaching and curriculum. As your student dean, he works directly with student organizations and student leadership in the college, and with you on ideas you may have for the college or issues you face while here at the University of Texas. 

Dr. Vanden Bout is a professor in the department of chemistry. His research focuses on the spectroscopy and microscopy of heterogeneous materials. Read more about his research here.

Follow him on Twitter at: https://twitter.com/StudentDeanCNS


Cervantes, Victoria
Victoria E Cervantes
Senior Administrative Associate

Dillon, Kris
Kris Dillon
Senior Administrative Associate

Kester, Becky
Becky Kester
Assistant Director

Vanden Bout, David A.
David A. Vanden Bout
Dean (Interim), Professor

Williams, Sharon
Sharon E Williams
Senior Administrative Associate