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CNS Undergraduate Education

The Office of Undergraduate Education supports student excellence, advising, and degrees, working with the departments in their teaching and curriculum. 

As your student dean, Dr. Michael Drew works directly with student organizations and student leadership in the college, and with you on ideas you may have for the college or issues you face while here at The University of Texas. 

Dr. Drew is an award-winning professor in the Department of Neuroscience.  Read more about his research here.

Follow him for updates and events around the college!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/StudentDeanCNS


Alemán, Melissa
Melissa Aleman
Senior Student Program Coordinator
Christiansen-Hedge, Christina No
Christina Christiansen-Hedge
Assistant to Associate Dean
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Chy, Anneke No
Anneke Chy
Assistant Dean for Advising and Student Support, Assistant Professor of Instruction
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Compean Jr., Arturo No
Arturo Compean Jr
Resource Management Administrator
Davis, Gail
Gail L Davis
Senior Administrative Associate
WCH 3.104BB
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Devitt, Tom No
Tom J Devitt
Assistant Professor of Practice, Research Scientist
Michael Drew
Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, Associate Professor
Hippocampal memory, fear learning and extinction of fear memory, adult hippocampal neurogenesis
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Guida, Tonia No
Tonia F Guida
Assistant Professor of Instruction
Hendren, Kathryn
Kathryn Hendren
STEM Program Evaluation and Research Coordinator
Huk, Jane No
Jane M Huk
Institutional Research and Evaluation Coordinator
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Jones, Alora No
Alora N Jones
Administrative Associate, Student & Faculty HR
Nissly, Audrey No
Audrey M Nissly
Associate Academic Advisor
Nunez, Hailey No
Hailey Nunez
Senior Administrative Associate
Student Services Office
Powledge Gaddy, Kris
Kris Powledge Gaddy
Assistant Director for Administration
Reyes, Paulina No
Paulina Reyes
Human Resources Coordinator
Remote Office Hours: Monday - Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Friday 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
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