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BIO311C/BIO 311D; BIO 325

BCH 369/339F**

CH301/CH302; CH320M/CH320N*

SUNDAY-THURSDAY:       7:30PM-10:30PM  

FRIDAY:                          12:00 PM-3:00 PM

SATURDAY:                   12:00 PM-3:00 PM


*Organic Chemistry II (CH 320N) is only available Monday-Thursday. 

**Tutoring is not available on Saturdays for Bichemistry (BCH 339F/369).




We are located in the PCL STEM Study Center on the 2nd floor of PCL - through the main entry doors and all the way to the back in Learning Space 1 & 2: 

PCL STEM Spaces 1 and 2

CalcLab tutoring:

For Calculus support, visit the CalcLab!  


Physics tutoring:


For Physics support, visit Physics!


Sanger Learning center STEM Options:



Meet your PCL STEM tutors!  


PCL STEM Study Center Tutors are successful University of Texas at Austin students in the College of Natural Sciences who can help you!  

Please feel free to drop in for tutoring with any questions that you may have.  Our tutors can help you to prepare for your classes, assist with your homework assignments, and offer so much more.  

They are available to answer questions about their experiences with UT STEM coursework, what to during midterms and finals, and can provide resources to point you in the right direction towards successfully onboarding to your new college life.  


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Anjali is a Senior Biochemistry major, pursuing pre-med.

Hometown:  Colleyville, TX (near Dallas, TX).

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite class at UT is a Classical Mythology class (CC 303) I took with Dr. Todd Curtis. I have been fascinated with ancient history and mythology my entire life, and I loved the class so much that I decided to write my thesis on classical myth!

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: As a freshman, I wish I would have known to take other people's advice seriously. UT advisors and mentors have a lot of experience and wisdom, and it's a really good idea to listen to what they say.

Student Organizations involved in: I am an honors member of the Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society. I am also a member of Plan II Pre-Medical Society and the American Chemistry Society. However, most of my extra-curricular involvement comes from participating in research on campus.


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Desiree is a Sophmore Biology major, pursuing pre-med.

Hometown: Joshua, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: Introductory Biology because I learned so much and it really laid the foundation for so many of the biology and science related courses I’ve taken at UT.

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Time management, you save so much stress during exam times if you study consistently and start assignments early. 

Student Organizations involved in: Longhorn Dance Company, Ballet East dancer, Austin Animal Center volunteer, Dell Seton volunteer.


Goals: Attend medical school here in Texas and become a dermatologist. 



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Felicia is a Senior Human Development major, pursuing pre-med.

Hometown:  Arlington, Texas (DFW area)

Favorite class at UT and why:  Family Relationships with Marci Gleason. I enjoyed this class because it was the first time I had the opportunity to learn about individuals and families from a social science perspective. This class helped me answer a lot of previous questions that I had about how relationships can affect an individual’s health, development, and life trajectory.  

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman:  wish I would’ve known about pre-professional school programs such as JAMP and SHPEP. I would also like to have known about different certificate options such as the Bridging Disciplines Program Certificate.

Student Organizations involved in: Black Health Professions Organization, Texas MEDLIFE, African Student Organization, Haven Student Fellowship. 


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Hometown:  From San Antonio (Go Spurs Go!)

Favorite class at UT and why: Principles of animal behavior was my favorite because of my extremely animated and witty professor, Dr. Cummings, and that I got to learn why animals (including humans) do things that seem to be weird. Every behavior has some sort of reason behind it! 

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Make time to do things that are actually for your own enjoyment (even if you don't think it's going to be the biggest resume booster). There's always going to be another test or homework assignment, but that doesn't mean you should stop living your life or pursuing hobbies and bringing a little light into your life. 

Student Organizations involved in: I was in Biology Scholars Program, and now I'm in Texas Bluebonnets, a spirit group! I spend the rest of my time baking, playing intramural soccer, tutoring STEM classes, and conducting research for the children's research center in the psychology department.  


Aside from tutoring, I'm often in the Children's Research Center, helping to conduct child psychology research or at the gym and fields playing all kinds of intramural sports.
When I'm not on campus, you can find me hiking, reading, or baking (my goal is to create the perfect banana bread!). I'm also in Texas Bluebonnets, a women's spirit organization here at UT! I love meeting new people and seeing them succeed in their endeavors so I'm looking forward to meeting you this year!



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Livia is a second year public health major with a concentration in infectious disease and microbiology.

Student Organizations involved in: Livia is also co-president of Doctors Without Borders and is in the Jefferson Scholars Program; she loves to travel and learn. 

Livia loves helping others fully understand biology and chemistry and is excited to help out at the PCL STEM Center!


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Zikora is a senior Nutrition major.

Hometown:  Richmond, Texas (Houston area)

Favorite class at UT and why:  My favorite class at UT has been Fertility and Reproduction! I can't stress how important this class has been to me in my college career as a pre-med student. I aspire to be a physician specializing in women's health. This class really did a great job of bringing forth the social issues that impact women's health on a global level. There aren't many opportunities to engage in the social aspect of health with the courses required for medical school so this class was very refreshing!

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman:  As a freshman, I wish I had been told to always ask for help even when it may seem unnecessary to do so. Knowing when to be humble and reach out to others for support has made a significant difference in my academics. 

Student Organizations involved in: Black Health Professions Organization, African Students Organization, Black Mamas Community Collective, and Haven Student Fellowship. 


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 Ifeoma is a 4th year, Nutrition major, pursuing pre-med.


Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Favorite class at UT and why: My Intro to Food Science Lab. The "lab" was really just a kitchen and we got to learn how to cook many interesting things and the science behind the foods we were cooking. I now know how to make bread from scratch!
One thing I wish i knew as a freshman: College goes by fast, try to make the most out of it! Enjoy your time here, take fun classes, and don't be so stressed about getting perfect grades, in the grand scheme of things they probably do not matter as much as you think. 
Student Organizations: Texas UNICEF, Reading Aces, Texas Healthy Habits.



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Hometown:  Katy, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: Classical Mythology because I get to hear some crazy myth stories. 

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Study hard but also enjoy your freshman year! 

Student Organizations involved in: Texas HOSA, American Society of Microbiology, Freshman Research Initiative, Biology Scholars Program.


"Hi guys, my name is Yunjie Xiao, but I would also respond by my nickname, Jessie.

A little fun fact about me: I have lived in Katy, Texas for 11 years, but I was born in Shandong China.

Looking forward to seeing you during tutoring!" 


 Gabrielle edwards: 

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gabrielle is a sophomore Human Biology Major on the pre-medical route.


Hometown: Albuquerque, NM
Favorite Class at UT and why: My Greek Archaeology course.  It was really fascinating to study and gain an appreciation for the historical significance of some really stunning artwork.  It put ancient history in a new light for me!
One thing I wish I knew as a freshman: How to manage time.  If you can do it effectively, you can make time for good grades AND fun.  It doesn't have to be an either or!
Student Organizations involved in: Women in Medicine, Texas Bluebonnets, Women in Natural Sciences, Creative Art Collective



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Paola is a second-year Neuroscience BSA Pre-Med student.

Hometown:  San Antonio, TX

Favorite class at UT and why: My favorite classes were the introductory chemistry classes (CH301 and CH302) because Dr. Biberdorf was an amazing professor that made chemistry really fun. I started to enjoy learning about chemistry, and it quickly became my favorite subject.   

One thing you wish you would have known as a freshman: Manage your time carefully. Make sure to study ahead of time, but also save some time to have fun. 

Student Organizations involved in: I am in Lion’s Club, and I’m a student research assistant for a project on campus.