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Non-academic Counselors can be helpful when life situations occur that begin to impact your academics. Examples of these situations include emergency personal or family situations, personal or family illness, a sudden financial crisis, a death, an accident or housing issue, or any other situation that is impacting you or your course load. 

Services Offered by Non-Academic Advisors: 

  • Information, referrals and resources,
  • Consultation on options regarding non-academic drops or withdrawal,
  • Notifications to instructors for absences related to emergencies, and
  • Help with Medical Course Load Reductions and Medical Withdrawals.

Non-Academic Drops

Non-Academic Drops

All students wishing to drop for documented non-academic reasons must have an appointment with a non-academic counselor. To schedule an appointment prior to 10/28, email Debra Elliot (debra.elliott@austin.utexas.edu) or Aaron Braverman (aaron.braverman@austin.utexas.edu) with several days/times you are available and include your UT EID.

The deadline to Q-Drop a course for Non-academic reason for Fall 2020 is October 29th at 5:00PM.

You are encouraged to make an appointment for this as soon as possible prior to the 10/29 deadline date. Non-academic Counselors will only be taking students via the Walk-in Waitlist on 10/28 and 10/29 until 4:30 PM.

Non-academic drops do not count against the 6-drop limit; and Q drops processed as Non-academic may be helpful to the student in case there is a need to petition for a third time repeat of a course.