Commencement-2007 17123The College of Natural Sciences awards diplomas three times in the academic year:  December, May, and August. All students completing their coursework must apply to graduate online in order to receive their diplomas.

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The College of Natural Sciences holds commencement ceremonies each May to honor the graduates and candidates of the entire academic year (past Fall, current Spring, and future Summer). For example, August 2017 graduates may participate in the May 2017 ceremonies as "walkers." Since the academic year begins in fall, December 2017 graduates will be invited to participate in the May 2018 ceremonies. Participation in the May graduation ceremony is optional.

The Spring 2017 graduation and walk applications are now open. The deadline to apply is 5 pm on April 3, 2017. In absentia candidates (not enrolled in residence) should apply at least a week in advance of the deadline.

what action should I take?  

 Bachelor candidates

Complete Graduation Application

Complete Walk Application

I WILL complete my degree requirements and I WANT to walk across the stage



I WILL complete my degree requirements but I DO NOT WANT to walk across the stage



I will lack 15 hours or less after Spring 2017 and plan to graduate in August 2017.



Please review your Degree Audit before applying to graduate. In your application, you will be asked to indicate how remaining degree requirements will be satisfied.

If you have any questions, contact Student Records at


Undergraduate graduation candidates:  to receive your diploma, complete the following:

  1. Graduation Application
  2. College of Natural Sciences Graduation Survey (link will be emailed to you in late April or early May)

    If you are an in absentia graduation candidate (not enrolled in residence at UT), you must complete and return the in absentia registration form, in addition to submitting the online application.

walk candidates:  to walk across the stage (without receiving your diploma):  NOTE:  NOT RELEVANT FOR SUMMER GRADUATION APPLICANTS.

  1.  Walk Application

    The Walk Application is for August 2017 candidates who will lack 15 hours or less after the Spring 2017 semester.

To check your Graduation or Walk application results, log onto cns SECURE WEB SERVICES:

  1. Select Graduation Application Results if you applied to graduate (graduating in current semester)
  2. Select Walker App Results if you applied to walk (walker application not open during summers)


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