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Commencement Student

The College of Natural Sciences awards degrees three times in the academic year:  December, May, and August.

A student must apply to graduate in the semester they intend to complete their degree requirements.

The College of Natural Sciences holds commencement events once a year, in May.

What do i need to apply to graduate?    


1. Review your Degree Audit before applying to graduate.

a. Apply for any certifications or minors you intend to earn;

        b. Make sure your certification or minors are currently showing on your degree audit.

2. Contact your advisor if you have questions after running your audit and before applying to graduate.

3. Complete a Graduation Application

The Fall 2022 Graduation Application will open on September 6, 2022 and close on December 5, 2022.

a. If you are not enrolled in residence at UT Austin in the semester you apply to graduate, you must complete and return the in absentia registration form, in addition to the online application.

b. Check your Registration Information Sheet and clear bars BEFORE you submit your in absentia registration form.

c. If you are enrolled in at least six (6), but fewer than twelve (12), hours you may request full-time status for part-time enrollment by noting the request in the Student Remarks box in the online graduation application.

d. If you don't see your certificate or minor in the drop down menu, enter the information in the Student Remarks box.

e. If you have any questions, contact Student Records at ns.student.records@austin.utexas.edu

4. Complete the College of Natural Sciences Graduation Survey (a link will be emailed to you late in the semester).

5. Determine whether you may be eligible for the Tuition Rebate program.

You may submit an Application for Tuition Rebate during the semester in which you complete your degree requirements (earn a degree). The deadline for Natural Sciences to receive your Application for Tuition Rebate for Fall 2022 is December 5, 2022.

Factoid: A diploma contains the title of a degree earned. Some degree titles include the field of study, such as a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Other degree titles, such as Bachelor of Science and Arts, do not include the field of study.


What do I need to apply to walk?

A student may only apply to "walk" during a spring semester.

You may apply to "walk" during a spring semester if:

  • You are NOT applying to graduate, OR
  • You received a degree from CNS in the previous fall semester, OR
  • You currently have fifteen (15) hours or fewer needed to complete your degree requirements.

Note that if you have already graduated, your degree information will be blank. This is not in error. CNS will enter this information when processing your application.

1. Review your Degree Audit before applying to walk.

If you have not yet graduated, you must have fifteen (15) hours or fewer hours needed to complete your degree.

If you have any questions, contact Student Records at ns.student.records@austin.utexas.edu

2. Complete the Walk Application


To check your Graduation or Walk application results, log onto cns SECURE WEB SERVICES:

  1. Select Graduation Application Results if you applied to graduate (graduating in current semester)

  2. Select Walker App Results if you applied to walk (walker application is open only in spring semesters)


Permission to print name in Commencement program:

During the spring semester, if you did not indicate whether or not you gave permission to publish your name in the commencement program, please complete and return a "Consent to Publish" form.