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Did you know?

The following companies host profit shares:

  • Jason’s Deli (15% back and 3 locations in Austin) - Will usually only approve events expected to have 50+ participants - must show proof of 501(c)3 tax exemption

  • Plucker’s (2222 Rio Grande St. Ste 116) - contact manager by phone (512) 469-WING or in person
    • Best to go in person during non-meal times when they are less busy
    • Does not include alcoholic drinks
    • Sign-up for a Wednesday Trivia Night and Plucker's will allow teams to sign-up under your organization - charge $5 per person per team and triple your profit!
  • Panera Bread throws out their leftover baked goods for the day at their closing hour and will sometimes give them out to students!

Some companies will donate food to your events! For example…

  • Chipotle (complete 12 weeks in advance), click here for more info
    • Application must be completed online
  • HEB (complete 8 weeks in advance), click here for more info - must show proof of 501(c)3 tax exemption

  • Central Market (complete at least 8 weeks in advance), click here for more info
    • You can fill out a Community Partnership application either in person at the store, or online if you follow the link above and click ‘I have a donation request’ on the right)


Catering Companies with Excellent pricing:



Approved UT catering companies 

  • Catering by Chef Alvaro
  • Papa John's
  • HEB
  • Jason's Deli
  • Tacodeli



Austin T-shirt companies: