DEI Concentration

Undergraduate students have the option to take courses and learn about intercultural communication, critical thinking and dialogue with others.

DEI Concentration

The College of Natural Sciences Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Concentration facilitates students’ exploration of DEI concepts through coursework and opportunities to develop skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a diverse world.

Concentration learning outcomes related to DEI concepts include:

  • Developing a knowledge base
  • Facilitating self-awareness
  • Fostering critical thinking
  • Improving intercultural communication skills
  • Engaging in action-planning skills
  • Committing to ongoing learning

Comprised of coursework and events to promote dialogue and guide students through a variety of experiences aimed at exploring and expanding understanding of complex ideas and issue, this credential is not intended to indicate mastery in these areas but rather to demonstrate purposeful and thoughtful guided exploration and self-reflection around themes of the concentration.

Meeting Key Requirements

Courses and event attendance over the span of four semesters meet the requirements of the concentration and other requirements at UT, such as:

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