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Cornerstones 2015 year 3

Welcome to your third year! This is your year to dig deeper into your experiences during your time at UT. Balancing school, work, admissions exams, and impending graduation can seem daunting. So don't forget to ask for help!

Here are some things to consider for your third year as you explore your options and surroundings and connect with opportunities to broaden your personal and professional development. 

Career Planning

Hopefully by now, you have had an internship, and/or done some graduate or professional school reserach to narrow down options and develop your plans. If not, now is the time to get started! 

CNS Career Services

CNS Career Services - have you met with a Career Coach yet? Graduation and your career are right around the corner! Set up a one on one meeting with a career coach to discuss your goals. Now is the time to narrow down your career choices and start doing some intensive research, informational interviews, and job shadowing. 

Register with Handshake - this is the Career Services database to help you connect with internships, employers, and career related events.

Health Professions Office

Are you on a Pre-Health Professions path? If so, you probably already know what prerequisite courses you need to complete you need to complete before you apply and/or graduate. But do you know everything else that comes along with being a competitive applicant?

Get involved! Job shadowing, volunteer work, and student orgs are all great ways to learn more about your chosen health profession (and strengthen your application)

Learn more! The Health Professions Office hosts many workshops, whether you are ready to troubleshoot the application process, or still deciding which pathway you would like to pursue. They also host speakers - hear directly from health professionals doing the job you want!

Graduate School

Thinking about graduate school? Check out the CNS Career Services guide to be sure you're on track (or get started!).