cornerstones 2015 2a

Welcome to your second year! Hopefully your first year was full of new experiences (and probably some lessons learned). Your second year is your opportunity to get more deeply involved at UT and explore your professional development (build that resume!). You may be feeling secure in your academic footing at this point, or you may still be struggling. Either way, look at your second year as your chance to take your experience to the next level.

If your academics are going well, what else can you get involved with that will help you broaden your experience? If your academics are not going as well as you had hoped, set that appointment with your academic advisor or a career coach to talk about where you are and how to get to the destination you have in mind. No destination in mind yet? Start that conversation today and navigate your experience!  

Staying (or Getting) on Track

At the end of this year, you will be halfway to graduation! Now is the perfect time to do a self-audit: are you on track with your courses and degree plan, with your resume, with the experiences you want to cultivate during your four years at UT? 

Academic Advising

Set up an appointment with your ACADEMIC ADVISOR to check in

Not sure what questions to ask? Here are some to get your started:

  • Am I making good progress on my degree plan, or is there a class I may need to pick up over summer to stay on track to graduate in four years?
  • Are there credits I still need to claim, or transcripts I need to submit from other institutions?
  • I want to Study Abroad. How can I fit that into my degree plan and stay on track for my four-year graduation? 

Declare a major by the end of your second year

And know what you can do with that major. Not sure where you're headed with your major? Set up an an appointment with a CNS Career Coach to talk about your options. 

Make a Plan B

If you haven't already, consider your parallel paths for career/graduate school/professional school goals (what's your Plan B if you're not admitted to med school?). Never put all of your eggs in one basket; make sure you're diversifying your experiences appropriately so you can feel secure in your options no matter what happens. 

Study Abroad

Are you interested in Study Abroad? Start exploring now and working with your Academic Advisor to fit time abroad into your four year plan. 

Asking for Help

If you're struggling academically (or non-academically) please tell someone.

It can feel intimidating, but asking for help is a good thing! We are here to help you, and we want you to be successful. Who can you talk to? 

Social Media Checkup

Social media is your online résumé

Now that you are a second-year student, it's time to begin thinking about your professional image.

  • How does your social media reflect your image?
  • Are you cultivating an online reputation you would feel comfortable with an employer seeing? (we promise, they'll look!)
  • Google yourself and see what comes up
  • Decide if there's anything you need to change/adjust on your social media accounts
  • Familiarize yourself with the privacy settings on all of your social media accounts
  • Are you sure that the people you want can see your profile?
  • If there are things you'd like to keep private, make sure they are set to private

Social media isn't just for friends

Did you know you can use social media to network and leverage professional opportunities?

  • Set up an account with LinkedIn
  • Have a professional head shot taken (CNS Career Services usually sets up a photo shoot at career fairs if you need help taking a professional head shot - keep an eye on thier page for more information).