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Getting Involved in Undergraduate Research - a step-by-step guide to finding a research placement on campus.

Step 1: Inform Yourself

Step 2: Learn About Faculty Research on Campus

  • Browse faculty research on CNS department web sites
  • Use EUREKA!, a searchable database designed to support undergraduate participation in research and creative activity. EUREKA includes profiles for UT Austin faculty members with information about their research interests and links to their department web pages.
  • Explore the College of Natural Sciences faculty database, sorted by research area. 

Step 3: Prepare Yourself

Do your homework.

Thoroughly explore the web pages of the labs you are interested in. Read the publications of the faculty you would like to work with. (Most faculty list recent publications on their web sites and many of these can be downloaded from UT Library Online). Explore research being done within organized research units (groups of faculty working together on specialized research areas). Check out departmental calendars for events.

Formalize your interests and qualifications. what kind of experience do you want? How many hours a week can you work? How long do you want to do research for?

Be prepared to talk to faculty about your interests and how they relate to the work being done in the lab. Be sure to have a current resume.

Need more assistance? Meet with an advisor to discuss your research interests and plan for contacting faculty.

Drop-in Consulting for Undergraduate Research:
Texas Institute for Discovery Education in Science (TIDES), PAI 3.04
Tuesdays 1-3pm
Thursdays 10am-12noon

Step 4: Contact Faculty

If you have figured out where your interests lie, have identified faculty doing that research, and have found out as much as you can about them, you are ready to contact them to talk about research. Use the UT directory to find their email address and other contact information.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss your interests and strategies for getting involved, please contact TIDES Director for Student Programs, Lynda Gonzales, at 512-232-9358, or visit PAI 3.04.